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  1. It has elements of that, but not as laser focused on the action as LS. Scenes not as well done, either, but other than Saving Private Ryan, not many war films compare. Bass is nothing to write home about.
  2. Be on the lookout for Everly. Seemed to go pretty deep when I skimmed through it, but it was VERY powerful. It was on my bedroom system (DIY sealed 12" Shiva), so I can't get a true reading on it, but it made my sub bottom out at an MVL level that is usually safe for that sub. Interested to see what others think and to play it on my main rig.
  3. Can't say overall (I'll let Nube weigh in once he does the workup) but there were 2 spots that had some really, really egregious clipping. And I'm not one that's overly sensitive to it.
  4. Fairly certain that's what he means. Has a ton of bass, but also lots of clipping, both in the bass and in the voices. Some of it pretty bad.
  5. I respect that. I wonder how much of this is a function of our respective FR? By an objective reading, BLA has a much better low end, especially if you consider how much of the sub 20 stuff is the sine wave-type stuff in the first 30 seconds of the movie. I'm flat to ~5Hz and really don't feel the weight that people talk about with EOT compared the BLA or a few others. And I've rewatched it several times, asked my brother (who's on suspended floors) his thoughts. Neither of us get the hype. Yes, it's clean, and varied, but....I dunno. Maybe I'm just crazy. lol
  6. Would Into The Storm be a good candidate for this?
  7. +1 on Earth To Echo. I think a scene near the end will be a candidate for Movies with the Most Intense Bass thread.
  8. Can I ask you guys a favor? In addition to posting the xml settings, can you describe the changes you made to the LFE channel so that those of us without nanovr's can attempt to replicate it?
  9. Thanks! That will be my project for this weekend. I'm pretty excited to hear the results.
  10. Thanks for the info. Fatshaft. Can you reset the mini to default and then try to re-apply your saved config?
  11. Well, I was going to ask a question about whether this method could be applied if you had a minidsp for only the subs and not the LCR or surrounds. Given Fatshaft's experience, I think I'll hold off until I hear more.
  12. Can we add Smokin' Aces to the list? Watched again last night and think it's worth a measurement.
  13. I'd be very interested in seeing "The Returned" graphed. Not a bass monster by any means, but it had this very palpable low end (largely unsupported by upper bass frequencies) to create a certain feeling for the movie. I was just seeing the lights on my amp and feeling this pressure during certain scenes. Good stuff, IMO.
  14. Unfortunately, probably so. When you have review sites touting The Hobbit as having 5 star bass, our vocal minority is even less likely to be heard. But that's me being my normal pessimistic self.
  15. I liked it. Apparently it's pretty faithful to the first book in the series. More "adult" than I expected, and some pretty heavy-hitter actors, too. I will be watching it again.
  16. Wow. Will have to revisit this. Movie blows, but if it's got that much LFE goodness, then it's worth another spin.
  17. Yeah, still weak, but a BIG difference in peak output at least. 23 dbs or so at 20 Hz if I'm reading it correctly.
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