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  1. Let's not leave Olympus Has Fallen out of the mix! I don't know if I'd put After Earth in the same category as B:LA, either as a bass movie or as a movie overall. AE was just a gawdawful movie, IMO. B:LA was mindless, but entertaining. Also, many more bass scenes than AE which, after the ship crashing about 1/2 hour into the movie, has just one other short scene I can remember with notable bass. Just my opinion, of course.
  2. Yep, just as I suspected. I watched this with great anticipation, even though I didn't know too much about the movie. Disappointed to say the least.
  3. This Is The End definitely goes way below 40 Hz. It's got some low end grunt, no doubt. I don't recall there being a whole lot of it, but it was used to good effect.
  4. Thanks, guys. Not much other, higher level bass to augment it, so that moment would go unnoticed in my rig, anyway.
  5. ^^^ It's not terrible, by any means. It gets to 18 Hz and is loud. But it does miss the extension we love and is a letdown based off expectations and the previous movie. I really enjoyed the movie, personally.
  6. I don't recall being all that impressed with 2, but 3 is definitely something I wouldn't mind seeing measured.
  7. Absolutely. Arguably the best Bass flick of the year so far should be represented on the front page!
  8. Great job, Nube! I told my brother the exact same thing--that was the only scene that made my amps clip beside TIH & HTTYD, except it lasted much longer. Thanks!
  9. I'd like to request screencaps for Red Tails. It had garnered a couple mentions in the AVS thread, but I think it's been largely overlooked. Not Up there with the BIG BOYS, but I think it has more than a few scenes worth capturing. I can provide timestamps if needed.
  10. In terms of disappointment, Hobbit easily trumps 2012, Battleship, and certainly Avengers. I actually texted my brother twice during the movie to say "this has NO bass!" The scenes where Bilbo wears the ring....nothing, In the LOTR movies, you knew whenever Frodo put on the ring there'd be a treat. Other than the visuals, which are stunning, IMO, the Hobbit was an all around flop.
  11. Makes sense. Like Hot Fuzz. When car doors closing and ale mugs hitting the table have huge bass, the rest doesn't seem as impressive.
  12. I wondered kinda the same thing when I read this about TIH: "The only thing that keeps this from being an overall 5-Star is that it has almost too much bass, so much so that the Avg graph is too close to the peak graph to be able to get 5-Stars for Dynamics. Missed it by 1.1dB." But I dunno. How do you balance the benefits of dynamic content with a film being penalized for having too much bass? I'll leave that stuff to others with more technical knowledge than me.
  13. Any plans to rate Cloverfield? Was considered a heavy-hitter, but seems to have fallen out of favor. I have a couple of other, less often-mentioned suggestions if you're interested.
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