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Interstellar (5.1 DTS-HD MA)


Level        - 5 Stars (114.1dB composite)
Extension - 2 Stars (22Hz)
Dynamics - 4 Stars (26.09dB)

Execution - 4 Stars (by poll)


Overall     - 3.75 Stars

Recommendation - Buy (by poll)


Notes:  We've been waiting for this?!?!?  Interstellar is clipped all to hell.  Well, technically it's just hard-limited, but as maxmercy says, "if you're hitting the brick wall limiter, maybe you need to revisit your mix technique."  Check the graphs - almost everything L/C/R + LFE in loud sequences is chopped off, and it sounds very obviously crunchy and muddy.


This is reflected in the poor dynamics score, too - whoever said this is a very dynamic mix needs to get their ears checked.  LOUD != DYNAMIC or DEEP.  Yeah, the 30Hz effects might rattle your windows and your couch, but they're hollow sounding and not very realistic.  This mix booms, when it could fill the room with pressure and power.


I'll admit that I really enjoyed the movie, even if the ending was not properly supported through the story's development.  However, what most people are complaining about regarding the mixing of the dialog is totally true in my experience - even during quiet sequences, you just couldn't hear the dialog.  At all.  Overall, Interstellar a huge disappointment in mixing, yet a movie worth watching.  Once.  Nolan should never "turn it up to 11!!!!!!" in the mixing booth. 



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Loved the film, but the clipping was obvious even in a true 70mm IMAX if this is the same mix.  Just as obvious as the clipping was in theater for TDKR (I will argue that TDKR's clipping was worse).  The dialogue levels were purposely that way in cinema.  When listened to at 0dBRef (at IMAX), no problem with the dialogue.  Most people do not listen that loud at home, and I could see problems if people were listening at lower levels...


When BEQ is applied to Godzilla, the clipping is not as offensive (but still there), and BEQ is the only way I listen to it.



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I'm buying this one. It's a great movie and much more worthy of sitting in my collection than some others I already own.


Here's a clip of chapter 17 vs the Earth To Echo climax scene:




This is with the levels adjusted so that my edirol wasn't in pure clip through the whole scene.


Yes, the <20 Hz is subdued, but it's there and was felt, unlike ETE, which is pretty much brick wall filtered.


After the OPPO clipping thread, I did not know if it was the soundtrack or the OPPO, but I suspected it might be the soundtrack. Paul is checking the same scene out through the cheapo Panny player for comparison and we'll follow up.


30 Hz, 60 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz with some ULF shake undertow. This movie had my wife jumping out of her chair a few times. The writing is also excellent and the vid is great, it has a great cast and there's space and time shit mixed in... grab the popcorn and give it a spin.


Watch your asses with this one, guys... it'll break hardware if you run hot. :lol::blink:

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Yes, searching for new options as the OPPO's performance is appallingly bad :rolleyes:  and the company's response is pathetic. :angry:


Oppo can smooch it.


Looking at the Marantz AV7702 pre/pro. Their techs also had a "We dunno how to measure frequency response, you'll hafta do it yourself" response to my Qs, so I'll just have to buy it, measure it and keep/return based on the results.


Thanks to MAXimus for the 7.1 WCS test disc as it was what led us to scrutinize the OPPO pile o crap.

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Yes, a big shout-out to nube.  He has been running this forum for a long time now and doing the measurements while I try to get other things done.  Many thanks.


Bosso and everyone else, the 7.1 WCS test disc should be finalized and available this summer.




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Shredhead, That animation is great!  I've always wondered about the hype around OPPO.  I have little doubt their stuff is (mostly) high quality, but the price seems inflated to me.  Right now I'm using a $30 Best Buy Blu-Ray player since my PS3 is a lot louder and is a bit fussy about reading some discs.  If it plays all my movies without making too much noise, I don't really give a crap about anything else it does since everything is digital to my AVR.


At times, the OPPO seems to have that "audiophile" air to it where people argue about how much better it sounds to use the analog outs versus the digital "because DACs matter so much".  At least people here had a fairly legitimate technical reason (less ULF roll-off) to use the analog outs.  Even if one can hear the difference between a competent AVR DAC and the Saber DACs in the OPPOs (which by the way actually use filters that distort the sound more than is typical for DACs), it's likely a negligible improvement compared to damage done to the sound by the speakers and the room.

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I still really liked this movie but there seems to be a pattern in the ratings.  If I look at Dynamics, a novice like me would think the higher the better.  Movies like Star Trek Into The Darkness, The Dark Knight Rises, Immortals, and this film all have Dynamic that are at least 114db or higher.  And in the Level section they are give 5 stars.  Even this film was given 5 stars.  Now in my mind, a ranking of 5 stars means high quality, not just a high number.  So just looking at that makes me think that's it's a great track because it is a five start track.  Take OHF.  That was given 4 stars with a ratting of around 112db.  You noted just a hint of clipping but it was not a pain. Again, The Immortals is another one.  It is listed at 5 stars and a level of 115db or so.  But again, it is indicated that there was clipping.  I hate to keep listing these but war horse was listed a 5 star film with a level of around 113.  There was no mention of clipping there.  So I am just wondering, just because a movie has an really loud number for Level, should it get a 5 star rating?  It seems that most, if not all of those films people complain about it sounding bad and I wonder why it still gets a high mark.  Is it just because of the number it reaches.  I guess the execution number also needs to be considered.  I would bet that all these movies that were high in the Level, were low in the Execution.  So I guess that's why everything has to be taken into account.  I know you are not going to change your rating style now.  I just thought it was interesting that just because something gets 5 stars does not mean it's the best.  I understand it means the highest level, but my brain has a hard time reconciling that fact  :huh: .

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Is the clipping on the Oppo thru the analog outs or hdmi? Sorry for the OT.


I use the Oppo BDP-105 as a preamp/processor/player, all-in-one. The only sane reason to pay $1300 for the 105 is to use it's analog circuitry, Sabre DACs, analog outputs. If you only bitstream to an AVR or preamp/processor, then any player will do, save a grand and put that toward the AVR/Pre-pro.


We've found gross distortion from unacceptable clipping from the 103 and 105 analog SW output when LFE is mixed with any channel of redirected bass and worse as additional channels are redirected. Sorry for the harshness and thread jack but when the OPPO "techs" told us that they had no intention to fix the problem because it is instead a problem with software production values and not their problem, my reaction is that this is horseshit from a flagship player from any company.


Out the window it goes. Maybe it will fertilize the flowers and I'll have gotten something for my money.

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How did I miss this?!?







2014's ground-breaking sci-fi epic Interstellar will be brought to life by a live orchestra in a special gala screening at the Royal Albert Hall.


Interstellar Live will see the Christopher Nolan film shown on the big screen, whilst composer Hans Zimmer leads a 60-piece orchestra and the Hall's Grand Organ in a simultaneous performance of the movie's Academy Award and BAFTA nominated score.


The pre-film event will see Prof Brian Cox host Interstellar director Christopher Nolan, composer Hans Zimmer and executive producer and theoretical physicist Kip Thorne in conversation, all introduced onstage by Prof Stephen Hawking - a unique and astonishing all-star line-up. After this, cast member Sir Michael Caine will present the film.


Interstellar, also starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Matt Damon, tells the story of a team of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity. It was one of the biggest films of 2014, breaking box office records upon opening, and has been nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Original Score.


Approximate schedule:
5:30pm Doors
6:15pm Talk begins
7:00pm Interval
7:30pm Film begins
10:40pm Ends



Gutted :(

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