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Upcoming Testing Possibilities?


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Sealed JBL 2242HPL

25Hz vented AE TD18H+ Apollo

Sealed AE TD18H+ Apollo

MTX 9515-44 tiny passive radiator box with dual 15" VMP's (18 and 30Hz tunings to correspond with typical HT and car audio tunes)

Extra small sealed LMS 5400 Ultra and larger sealed MTX 9515-44 tests (to collect data to have directly comparable very small sealed and medium sized sealed for each driver and use to evaluate the effects on output, distortion, sensitivity, etc...)

LMS 5400 Ultra dual 18" VMP passive radiator system with 18Hz and 30Hz tunings

BMS 18N862 Sealed

AE TD15M Apollo sealed and vented (need to build a 15" enclosure for vented.)


^  ^  ^

All good stuff there, especially interested in anything related to the AE TD18H+ Apollo



But this;

I also have a number of investigative things I would like to do like measuring the gain of at least a few more vehicles and rooms and doing some distortion measurements with push pull drivers versus push push.

Is very, very cool. B)  Reciprocal gains from the room, push-pull experiments, great stuff ... love to read it. Keep us informed/let us know how to help.


Something I think would be an asset to the work you're doing here is better quality free air driver excursion videos. Please, no offense intended, however the previous ones could certainly be better.


As always, if there's something needed from the community here, I'd think the majority would sure like to help. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I'd help most anyway I could.


Thanks for everything.       

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It would be a bonus to also get the missing UXL-18 THD measurements.




Whoa! I did not know about that one. Is it is step up or down from the current 5400?


Its an in between, larger motor than the R and more excursion More sensitivity , but still.a 3" coil

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I had a bit of help, I probably wouldn't have heard about it as quickly otherwise, but I do pay attention to patents, as one can learn a lot from them. Also used to spend a LOT more time talking speakers than I do now. Was hoping I'd see Kyle's patent put to good use sooner rather than later, because it is a FANTASTIC idea. Simply put, Kyle has "fixed" several of the issues with LMS coil and motor.


Hoping that we can see the state of the art take a step forward, and sounds like there have been a few significant steps with this one. Also thrilled that there is some R&D taking place at TC.

Thanks for the support, i need to get my butt in gear, been working on some pro projects which have consumed much of my time, ill plan to put work into The prototype this year for sure :)


I appreciate the enthusiasm!

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No eta, it has a new surround which is currently a 15" BUT 18 is planned


Cool. Seriously one of my all time favorite 18's are my Sound Splinter RLp18's which TC manufactured. I always wanted a version that was always around but also maybe with your LMT coil. Basically an 18" version of the LMS-R. Something for someone who wants the LMS-Ultra but doesn't need shoebox sized boxes and/or 4kw input power capability. Bbbbuuuutttt I'm sure there is a reason these things don't exist. Probably make it harder to sell the Ultra. Mmm... maybe. :D

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Yeah...Agreed. Nothing against 15's but if there is a whole family of drivers I'm typically going for the biggest one.





That grille looks expensive buddy...Also you won't mind If I stuff a couple of the ports and see what happens to the tuning on that?

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Is it possible to get some reviews of "Flat Pack" subwoofers?

I don't have any skill with tools and these flat packs seem like the perfect thing for me to do a sub build. They only need wood glue, some clamps, and a little patients.

I think I can do it. 





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Kevon that is not really the sort of thing that we do here. There are plenty of reviews and builds with them on the DIY forums. The flat packs are simple sealed boxes of 4 cu ft or 3 cu ft depending on the size of the drivers and throw the driver of choice in there and provide the amp of your choice. What we would test here is the drivers in a variety of boxes and there are already sealed enclosure sizes on hand that are close to the volume of the flatpack enclosures.  

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A copy and paste from the Ultimax18 thread at AVS. This is a response from Rory of Dayton Audio addressing a couple of points about this new driver.



Hi, a couple notes.


1) This driver has no relation to the Fi Audio car subwoofers except for using the same basket casting. If you want to break the bank when developing a driver, insisting on a custom tooled die-cast frame is an easy way, so most manufacturers use off-the-shelf basket castings, or open tooling for the die casting. The open-tooling 12-spoke "MTX-style" basket used for the other Ultimax drivers is only available in sizes from 8" thru 15", so we had to look around for an open-tooling 18" 12-spoke basket that would provide the most similar cosmetics and functionality to the other 18" Ultimax drivers. There have been at least a couple variations of 12-spoke 18" frames created that have open tooling (since opening the tooling is a way to reduce the cost of having the tooling made), and I know that this frame is shared by at least the Fi Audio car subwoofers, but SSA Audio is another company that is using a different 18" 12-spoke basket. This doesn't indicate a tie to a particular build house, and I have not investigated where the Fi Audio drivers are made.


2) The Ultimax 18" model uses aluminum shorting rings instead of copper, again to avoid breaking the bank on details and to enable us to be very competitive on pricing. The aluminum shorting rings provide very nearly the same effectiveness for inductance control as copper, at least in this design, such that the extra cost of copper shorting rings was not justifiable. Most of the extra inductance comes from the larger and much longer coil than the other Ultimax models (10" thru 15").


Glad to see all the interest in these drivers.


Best regards,

Rory Buszka - Product Manager

Dayton Audio

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thought I might add a bit here...Things are piling up...Seems like the same thing happened last holiday season.


I have a couple more commercial powered subs to review for Audioholics that just came in...


I ordered a Dayton UM-18 out of pocket for testing.


There is another commercial sub on loan from a forum member that I'm not going to talk about until it gets tested but it should be interesting.


I should also have a Sundown Zv4 18" on hand eventually.


Stereo Integrity is sending me their wee little 24" driver. Gotta build a cab for that thing... <_<


Nick at Stereo Integrity also sent me this happy little guy...


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Man - you get to play with all the big toys...


Sooo jealous....


My checkbook says I can only play with pea shooters, but I do have some of those on hand to play with.


I'll be testing the Sundown Ev2 10s soon. For the money, they're a meaty driver. Lots of motor, decent clearances, and they look to be well-built. 


I hope that the specs I get are similar to the published ones, if so they'll be a great little driver for an 8 cubic-foot tapped horn I have drawn up.

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Josh, is the "happy little guy" the Schlafly Kölsch, or the fat tire surround ... subwoofer?  B)


what's the SI driver in the pic? I'm not familiar with it, but that's some surround ...


Looking forward to your Audioholics reviews, always solid stuff there.



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The SI driver is their prototype of the new upper scale home theater line. It uses some of the parts developed for the Sundown ZV4 series which is targeted more at car audio but also has notable differences like a much softer suspension and lower resonance for instance. They will probably be around the $600 mark for the 18" but things aren't finalized just yet.


 Yes it is a big driver and the surround is absurd looking. Imagine what it looks like on a 15".

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A surround like that is kind of needed.  Look at the LMS for example.  The surround inhibits outward excursion beyond about 31mm or so iirc, doesn't even come close to meeting the published specs.  I look forward to seeing what they do with these and the talk of a higher bl 21 or 24" is quite interesting.

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