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The Low Frequency Content Thread (films, games, music, etc)


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And finally one worth posting about.


How to Train Your Dragon:


Level - 3 Stars (264.2dBHz)

Extension - 5 Stars (2Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.6dB)

Execution - 5 Stars - What FOH and Bosso said.


Overall - 4.5 Stars - Add some effects above 60Hz with some weight and you rival WotW. This is the new 2-10Hz leader.


Recommendation - Buy, just like the above folks said.


Yes, that graph is correct. The signal asks your speakers to play back a 2Hz tone at 117.8dB at one point.





And my subs will answer that request!!! Just watched HTTYD with the new sub setup and good lord, there is some great scenes there!

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This site kicks bass ass so hard,lol, so glad to have found it:). I'm glad to see you checked out Inception, that movie has some serious low end. When I first watched it at the beginning, I thought something was wrong with my Antimode unit. Nope, the soundtrack just was kicking bass ass.:0.   Sky Captain has some nice bass too, and  it's such a fun movie to watch, reminds me of the old Saturday afternoon matinees from the 40's.  

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The Haunting copy I received from Netflix is not the DTS version, and sucks bass-wise. Stopped recording the PvA about 1:30 in.


Halo:4 Forward Unto Dawn is good, but a tiny bit low in level, the 'Flix only has the DVD version available, but it packs a punch...it will be up later tonight or early tomorrow.



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Sorry for my disappearance, which is the result of several factors. First, I was coaxed out of semi-retirement to design and draw a very major Demo/upfit/add-on for a past client. I still draw by hand and full plan review drawings for this one are a LOT of work.


At the same time, I decided to give the listening space a facelift. New recessed lights, paddle fan, trim, paint, faux fur wainscoting, Klaussner theater seats, LED under-lit riser with remote to change colors, color patter, fade, etc., new solid rosewood furniture and a Mits 82" DLP to replace the Panny 50" plasma.


Some pics:










We're still continuing down the stairs with patch, prime, paint, and may not stop til we get to the mailbox at the curb.  :o

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Can someone tell me why the links to my photobucket library aren't working?


This forum is a quirky sod.


The scene where the witches house blows up is a full BW spread, high output effect to rival any I've experienced. I know it's just one scene in the movie, but it has me scratching my head on the 2 star level rating...

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Full BW effects simply don't give good 'Level' ratings with the current rating scheme. This is why I am including ZRMS, LeqZ, and ZPeak dB numbers. Brave comes in at 118.9dB ZRMS Peak. That's second only to TDKR. I think once I can get Z-weighted dB levels for all the films, we can re-do the Level Star Rating to be based on the Z-weighted dB numbers....

Today's measurement:

HALO4:Forward Unto Dawn:

Level - 3 Stars (107.71dB composite)
Extension - 5 Stars (6Hz)
Dynamics - 4 Stars (25.59dB)
Execution - A lot of cheese to sift through, but well done bass when it counted, and they saved the best for last. 4 Stars.

Overall - 4 Stars

Recommendation - Rent. Bad acting, not so good storyline, but if you are a HALO fan, worth a watch.



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Thanks for graphing HFUD. Thought it had some nice effects.


As for the poll, unless someone's a diehard Halo fan, I'd recommend only a rental.

As far as execution goes, there's not too much going on in the first 60-70% of the movie. It's the last 25-30% that brings the bass, and as I mentioned when I recommended checking it out, more audio mixers should consider bass like this (or more) for big objects walking around. I voted for 4-star because what's there is done decently, but the movie doesn't have much of it till you get nearer the end.


Even in the TF series, they had some scenes with nice bass for the big ass robots stomping around, but other scenes where the robots suddenly lost 'weight'. Same goes for WOTW, those gigantic tripods should be causing ground tremors at every step, but that only happens in a few scenes.




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The scene where the witches house blows up is a full BW spread, high output effect to rival any I've experienced. I know it's just one scene in the movie, but it has me scratching my head on the 2 star level rating...


I'm with you on Brave, superbly crafted, quite enjoyable.


These animated/CG releases just don't get the love from many of the LF/ULF enthusiasts. When Joe Six-Pack/ "12 inch drivers are faster than any 18" sits down to enjoy his two hour movie time, the Pixar stuff just doesn't make the cut. I mean he's looking for the un-rated, directors cut with gun-play, drugs and explosions, Tarantino-esque inter-woven storylines, full frontal Sharon Stone style/grill on grill cooking.


So, staring at the Family Video shelf, there's Brave right by Bullet to the Head/Un-Rated Directors Cut, just it ain't happenin'  :mellow:  


All kidding aside, Brave really is well executed. Randy Thom, doing what he does. An entirely immersive experience.


Last weekend we enjoyed Flight, suprisingly good to me. I'd not seen much promo at all except the premise. Well cast, spot on w/Goodman, Washington, and after the film credits began rolling, thinking to myself how nice the sound was (some tasty rock-n-roll), there it was; Sound by Randy Thom.  

Good film.  

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DAAAVVVEEE!! Glad to see you're back and doing well. :)


Dude, nice upgrade! Still projector though, huh? ;) Those Mitsu DLP's look suhweet though. I see you got a dual-Raven, dual-Blackbird system. Rockin'. What is that I spy on top of the BB? :D


I really like the new seating. That type of chair and the style of your riser is almost exactly what I want to do in my room but I'm not sure if I'll have the room or not for a second row with a riser.


Still.... looking good and glad you're back.

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Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring, BluRay Extended Edition: (6.1 DTS-HD MA)

Level - 5 Stars (111.9db composite)
Extension - 3 Stars (19Hz)
Dynamics - 5 Stars (29.05dB)
Execution - 4 Stars - I remember more ULF in the DVD DTS-ES versions, I may run a comparo. I seriously hope this isn't the case of another M&C. But I do remember The Two Towers being the ULF king of these three films. For the time (2001), tremendously well done.

Overall - A very respectable 4.25 Stars

Recommendation - RENT. I will have to compare the DVD Extended to this edition, to see if a low-shelf attenuation was done, but either is a good addition to a collection.




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