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  1. Yeah, been flat out lately. Thanks for the comments, I thought it was a little overdone on the sonic level. Although some scenes did shake the room.
  2. Can someone give me their opinion on which had more base in UWA when the super lican first appears and TR and the Rekall loung scene? The lican scene just is a whole different level in my theater.
  3. Just watched HTTYD and good lord, that movie shakes the entire structure. I am going to have to watch it at reference and get the real effects of it now.
  4. Actually , I have not made it to the Hulk yet, that will be the next movie for sure. As for the my house, it is solid re-enforced concrete (the whole house) so it does OK. But, not even solid 10-12" concrete walls can stop ULF. Actually when standing on the floor in the living room directly above the theater (10" thick concrete) you can feel it flex on the pod scene in WOTW's. Never felt concrete do that before.
  5. I am good down around there. I have a room mode @ 25hz, but EQ does take care of it pretty well. My in room response,
  6. Thanks Max, I just hope it will make your life easier as you already have enough on your plate. I can't wait to get the Software setup to make some graphs myself for here. BTW LFE people, no how many times I watch 'Total Recall' the lounge scene just does not seem have very much base? The waterfall suggests otherwise, so I just want to hear what other think?
  7. Does anyone have the waterfall for the scene where the super lican enters in UA? I played that again last night and that really is some nice bass.
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