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  1. (8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    Get it done by 2018!
  2. Moving massive / unwieldy subs?

    I for one am firmly now under the philosophy of cutting up subwoofers into smaller ones and just using multiples. 2 single 18's vs 1 double, etc etc. or 3 12's vs one single 18 sorry, that does not help you here
  3. beats by Dre Executive Review

    Beats aligns more with fashion. I tend to find audio gadgets that do less appealing, but lets not kid ourselves, we are all guilty of buying brands to make ourselves look good/ feel good.
  4. v2 update

    Making good progress. Might have the site up for preliminary testing by Jan/Feb
  5. v2 update

    Been taking a little time off from this project. I did pivot on a design which ended up not working out, had to rework the major db schema design for the system because of mongodb, but turns out it did not prove to be very valuable and I will be reverted that attempt. That set me back a few weeks, no big deal. UI is still in good shape. Things are still moving forward, but I'm also going to need to step away in a few months to launch a new kickstarter project which I'm very excited about. No, its not audio related. it's a new product for PC FPS games... more about that later
  6. Should I go ported?

    Four 21's would be overkill for me, i can't even use my 12" sub past -15dB w/o my kids getting scared watching voltron, lol.
  7. Filters for system list

    Added a little filter feature, hoping this helps categorize systems with more control. Currently I only have 3 groups, type, power and size https://v2.data-bass.com/#/systems?system:sealed&size:small&power:active but this can now let you filter down the list and only look at similar kinds of systems, for example, only powered subwoofers, small in size, that are sealed. I think this helps give a little more attention to the smaller systems which tend to get snuffed out by Josh's 40 cubic foot monsters. Currently: Small is < 3 cubic feet Medium is 3-6 Large is 6-12 Massive is > 12
  8. Josh's new cover photo!

    http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/profile/5-ricci/ Its looking promising, almost as if we're gonna get some good photos in the upcoming months All seriousness, I hope everyone is liking the new from version, so far I'm digging it.
  9. DNS changes may cause site to be down

    New beta site will be http://v2.data-bass.com
  10. Sorry, i moved around DNS name servers and that may mess things up for a few days. Going to take a while to propagate to all the zones. Don't worry, everything is still in place
  11. DNS changes may cause site to be down

    Site no longer has "www." subdomain prefix, I'm adding a DNS redirect to strip it out so old links work. http://data-bass.com
  12. v2 update

    rofl! thats about what they look like. I was thinking about sending him one of my old cell phones from a few years ago so he has a better camera
  13. v2 update

    Yes. now you are seeing the future
  14. v2 update

    Just needs some TLC
  15. v2 update

    I'm not too good at Arma3 or PUBG at this point, mostly still TF2 and waiting for FC5, we'll see... thanks for the feedback man
  16. v2 update

    System compare feature is much improved 1. shareable links with compares built in 2. can compare up to 4 systems at a time 3. graph compare is not longer limited by a fixed set, compare will work on every graph template provided its flagged as comparable 4. hot links between each system so you can navigate between system pages while keeping the "set" of compare graphs the same. In other words, you can just switch out the primary system and the others will overlay accordingly. This can be done by clicking the compare links to the overlay'd systems pinned at the top of the page demo https://sheltered-taiga-21806.herokuapp.com/#/systems/58e9e71e7e89a60004ede894?comps=58e9e3177e89a60004ede893,58e3e4b08c013800048d62fa&_k=85mcrm
  17. v2 update

    CEA2010 UI (beta) https://sheltered-taiga-21806.herokuapp.com/#/systems?_k=z8vykg Still lots to come
  18. JTR Speakers Captivator 118HT

    Good performer indeed. CMS wouldn't have ~too~ much to do with it, its all in that port tuning.
  19. Not exactly on topic but I thought this was a cool read and is at least, in the spirit of science https://gravityandlevity.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/how-strong-would-a-magnetic-field-have-to-be-to-kill-you/ Speakers typically have about 0;5 to 1T in the gap so a field of 100,000T would be insane! Neutron starts do have these types of fields and I would imagine one would be pulverized if you got near one in more than one way. The Hadron Collider (from what I have read) only gets the field up to about 8 or 9Tesla... still nothing approaching atomic distortion levels quick and dirty calculation: If you're speaker produce 90dB at 1 watt with a 1T in the gap then if you increased that to 100,000T log base 2 of (100k) is about ~16. 16*6dB = 96dB (rough dB conversion) 90+96 = 186dB @ 1 watt... ...You would tear the the cone right off the spider and surround with just 1 watt in fact it might become a weapon or projectile of sorts, haha
  20. UBER 24" possible Project

    Ya, if you can indeed get 50xmax then that should beat 4 stout 18's for sure. Okay, how about the other direction. One could invest in a high performance 12" platform with 20mm (xmax @ high sensitivty witih a 4" vc. -- none exist as far as I know. It would have about 1/10th the displacement of this driver which sounds like a total loss, and there is probably no way the array would be able to fit into the same (small) size box as the monster 24, but even if you can get close to 1/10th the price I suspect the advantage would be with the multiples due to a power handling point of view. Even if you had to scale down to a 3" vc, you would be pushing 3x the power handling compared to a 10" coil. thoughts... Here is where I'm coming from, In my day to day in computer actives, it seems more and more things in cloud architecture are designed for horizontal scaling rather than vertical scaling. This 24" is an epic idea of vertical scaling whereas building out an elite 12" and then using a lot more of them is horizontal scaling. Advantages and disadvantages to both of course.
  21. UBER 24" possible Project

    Nathan, assuming you make this driver, What advantage does this have over a good pair of 18's? I have often debated the validity of larger and larger drivers with this argument, but at the same time, I do see a real lack of good 12's and 15's, especially high sensitivity + high xmax. Seems like all the attention goes into 18's and 21's these days.
  22. admin ui for drivers

    Its very similar to systems but gives a view of the feature sets available.
  23. admin ui for drivers

    Every field on the form is ran thru a validation schema server side and will report all sort of errors if needed. Images can be added, re-ordered or removed with ease as can content blocks.
  24. Going to be very hard as any material common in driver motors wouldn't work. Steel is insufficient as a conduit for the flux that strong. Neo magnets can't reach that high either https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturation_(magnetic) we need unobtainium