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  1. SME worked very hard yesterday and today to write a custom python script which used the invision rest API to iterate each post, find issues, and fix broken <a> tags which had the url assigned to the incorrect parent tag. Invision was unable to perform the bulk fix, so we had to create a custom solution to get it done. If anyone finds anything else wrong with links or images please let me know, but as of now, the broken thumbnails should all be fixed!
  2. Fix for image links

    So you'll notice some of the thumbnails in some of the posts made a long time ago no longer work. The images are still on the server but the HTML is broken, this was due to a bug in the 3.x to 4.x server upgrade. I worked with invision recently and they were able to track down the bug in thier code. Here is an example of a broken thumbnail that does not work: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/topic/12-the-low-frequency-content-thread-films-games-music-etc/?page=113&tab=comments#comment-7364 The fix for us has some drawbacks. We need to revert back to 3.x then go forward again, this won't lose any posts or threads, but it will wipe out edits to posts or threads since the 3.x to 4.x upgrade which I feel like may have been about a year ago or so. I'll get an exact date on that, but I wanted to ask here to see what you guys think about doing to fix. Just consider that It may cause more issues than we currently have. I don't have any data on how many edits were done between that time. If its just a few non-important edits, no big deal but if we lost a lot of content, then its a big deal.
  3. Fix for image links

    So the final word here is there is no provided too to do a mass fix. I don't have access to their db to do a mass conversion. What I'm going to attempt to do is learn the REST api (I tried to get it working but there is a problem with the headers right now so I have a support ticket for that. I will query all POST, parse them for broken HTML, change the text to correct HTML, then perform POST requests to edit each one. I'll need to do dry runs first then small tests then probably batch everything and while being careful. none of this is very easy so it might take some time... which is also limited since I'm trying to launched db 2.0 If anyone wants to help with this and knows web , rest and html requests, then I'm happy to delegate
  4. fixed, let me know if you have more issues
  5. dbv2 feature complete

    v1 is 7 years running! v2: Just fixing some bugs and coming up with a migration plan. The migration is still pretty massive but I'm happy that we have got this far! The new site is going to be a huge upgrade and I'm excited to get this launched for the community Overall, not a lot of "new" features but mostly just making everything a whole lot better and easier to go forward/change improve. This gives us a platform for another 6 or 7 years. Old site SQL / PHP / JS Custom CMS build from ground up, limited features, small images, poor scalability. Shared server, not on cloud New site Tech Non-relational database Reactjs front end w/ custom CMS build in react/redux Most UI components are built from scratch with an updated look/feel Single page web app design provides a much richer user experience Template driven graphs for better control / flexibility and standardization of data Custom services (nodejs) for document storage with reliable payload validation for easier error handling and service construction Much better UI for image management Far improved CND store for images (using Amazon S3 and Lambda for on-the-fly image scaling/caching) Server is custom Heroku Dyno (Cloud based) with a .git repo UI Far improved readability and image UI Compare feature is more full featured and you can compare up to 4 systems at once. Added max output content section (similar to CEA2010, but no THD limits) Drivers now get their own graphs too. We'll port the impedance curves over.
  6. dbv2 feature complete

    1 at a time, should be do-able.
  7. https://www.cnet.com/news/the-case-against-subwoofers-for-music/ (watch the video) I think there are 2 problems people let subwoofers exaggerate low end and more or less ruin music. The same can be said about headphone bass boost (mostly just sounds like crap) lots of music does not contain subsonic content or even low end audible bass. I don't fully agree we can omit a sub for all types of music, especially modern style music which often has subsonics, but then again, this is the right place to really find that out. We know movies need subs but which songs need it too?
  8. Rockford Fosgate T3 19 discussion

    ^ Just bought 3 pairs.
  9. Rockford Fosgate T3 19 discussion

    meanwhile, I have a wife and 2 kids that turn down my single 12" sub if the receiver goes past -28dB. **face palm** i hate you guys.
  10. Fix for image links

    For reference, this is the support thread...
  11. Fix for image links

    Yes, looking closer, the upgrade was 3 years ago which would mean many edits would be lost. I think its best just to fix links as we find them and move forward.
  12. 18" SW115 4ohm - $425 + shipping

    Maybe I should do that, lol
  13. Brand new, never hooked up to power.
  14. (8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    Get it done by 2018!
  15. Moving massive / unwieldy subs?

    I for one am firmly now under the philosophy of cutting up subwoofers into smaller ones and just using multiples. 2 single 18's vs 1 double, etc etc. or 3 12's vs one single 18 sorry, that does not help you here
  16. beats by Dre Executive Review

    Beats aligns more with fashion. I tend to find audio gadgets that do less appealing, but lets not kid ourselves, we are all guilty of buying brands to make ourselves look good/ feel good.
  17. v2 update

    Making good progress. Might have the site up for preliminary testing by Jan/Feb
  18. v2 update

    Been taking a little time off from this project. I did pivot on a design which ended up not working out, had to rework the major db schema design for the system because of mongodb, but turns out it did not prove to be very valuable and I will be reverted that attempt. That set me back a few weeks, no big deal. UI is still in good shape. Things are still moving forward, but I'm also going to need to step away in a few months to launch a new kickstarter project which I'm very excited about. No, its not audio related. it's a new product for PC FPS games... more about that later
  19. Should I go ported?

    Four 21's would be overkill for me, i can't even use my 12" sub past -15dB w/o my kids getting scared watching voltron, lol.
  20. Filters for system list

    Added a little filter feature, hoping this helps categorize systems with more control. Currently I only have 3 groups, type, power and size https://v2.data-bass.com/#/systems?system:sealed&size:small&power:active but this can now let you filter down the list and only look at similar kinds of systems, for example, only powered subwoofers, small in size, that are sealed. I think this helps give a little more attention to the smaller systems which tend to get snuffed out by Josh's 40 cubic foot monsters. Currently: Small is < 3 cubic feet Medium is 3-6 Large is 6-12 Massive is > 12
  21. Josh's new cover photo!

    http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/profile/5-ricci/ Its looking promising, almost as if we're gonna get some good photos in the upcoming months All seriousness, I hope everyone is liking the new from version, so far I'm digging it.
  22. DNS changes may cause site to be down

    New beta site will be http://v2.data-bass.com
  23. Sorry, i moved around DNS name servers and that may mess things up for a few days. Going to take a while to propagate to all the zones. Don't worry, everything is still in place