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Ant-Man Discussion and Poll  

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Ant-Man - DTS HD-MA 7.1


Level - 3 Stars (108.81dB Composite)

Extension - 3 Stars (16Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (30.77dB)

Execution - TBD


Overall - TBD


Recommendation - TBD


Comments: Really enjoyed the film, rolloff similar to the Iron Man films, some clipping in LCR+LFE, but not as bad as some other films.  May be a good candidate for BEQ, as this film has some re-watchability, but Marvel has to try something other than "good guy w/ nearly same tech/powers as bad guy who appears to be more powerful but loses in the end".























See here for waveform analysis: http://data-bass.ipb...movies/?p=11183







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I really liked the movie. Humor was really good for a Marvel movie and the production was really really good IMO. I rented it last night and already purchased it to have on hand. The scenes where the flying ant comes in overhead and the scene were the building explodes/implodes were my favorites and they both had my room talking back to me with noises coming from the doors and drywall, haha. 

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I just watched this for the first time tonight. I rated it avoid.

Too many inconsistencies in the "science theory" to like this one - the movie didn't even try to keep consistent rules about the suit's ability.

He's supposed to have all his weight and strength in the suit, but just insect sized.  So why did the 1" water in the tub knock him down? How can he ride flying ants if he weighs ~170lbs?, how can he walk down the barrel of a gun held at arms length by a man? How can he fly up to a rocket going hundreds of mph on an insect? I didn't look up any movie plot holes, but this ones got em in spades --- sadly so many I couldn't enjoy it on the first pass. I can enjoy the typical Marvel movie, or suspend disbelief for most fantasy movies, but consistency has got to be there ---- and they didn't even try for consistency in this movie. Sound was okay. Bass was okay. DTS-x ceiling speaker upmix worked well as reported for DSU or DST-X.


Movie though? Meh.

Rent, or just avoid IMO.

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This was kind of silly movie, but I had a lot of fun.  I like the scoring work they did for this one as it wasn't the repetitive heavy handed Marvel theme track that's been played to death in so many other movies.  (I don't particularly like the sound quality for the "Marvel" theme.  It sounds big an impressive at first, but in hind-site seems to be heavily compressed.  Anyway.)  I like that this movie wasn't too loud.  It got played at -2 and probably could have run hotter.


A lot of the bass effects weren't that remarkable to me.  The wings effect made quite an impression at first, but it sounded unbalanced and boomy, like they'd started with a great effect and then boosted 30 Hz too much.  (What else is new?)  The building explosion was also not a more memorable effect for me.  On the contrary there were several random slam effects that I thought hit really nicely and a few fleeting moments with a hint of some lower stuff.


Now I see there's BEQ for this.  I will definitely have to watch it again with BEQ when I upgrade my better subs.

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