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  1. Has anyone measured the content of the 1917 movie? Near the end there is some ominous low frequency bass. Reminds me of the Hunger Games raffle scene. Can someone measure to see what frequency range that is on 1917?
  2. How come only some of these get turned into full threads? I forgot Shredhead has posted this one. I listened to the Atmos track on Terminator Salvation, and it was one of, if not my favorite audio experience of all time. The bass was excellent, deep, textured, varied. It was an audio treat IMO. I watched Pixels too and I thought the new Terminator was far more fun bass/audio than Pixels, even though Pixels gets a lot of compliments for its bass track.
  3. About that Orbit Shifter!!! What a beastie! New records on upper bass eh? I'm looking forward to seeing the OS LFU measured this fall for comparison! I'm with nube, there is no way this won't be good for JTR Speaker sales! Way to go Jeff on your designs and implementations! Tremendous thanks to Ricci on doing this stuff for the community -- man I was really excited to see the UM18-22 measurements go up too! This has been a big week for data-bass! SI 24, DA UM18-22, and 3 JTR systems! Did you have a vacation week or something Josh? Like madaeel, I agree you should put up a paypal link for people to contribute funds! Maybe people wouldn't put in a lot and I doubt you'd get rich, but I'm sure most of the guys here would be glad to throw a handful of dollars your way from time to time to help offset your hosting costs, time, and efforts! I would! As fellow hobbiest, we REALLY TRULY appreciate this stuff!
  4. My thought on that: I wasn't impressed with Pacific Rim when I had the pair of Caps (before I had setup my sealed) I wasn't impressed with Godzilla when I watched it with the eight sealed. (after I sold my caps) Avengers was enjoyable on both alignments - filtered or not. You didn't expect the Caps to play below port tune, nobody did. However, one does have to give props to JTR for that native frequency response, and the high output levels acheived in reasonably priced package - compared to the other ID competition. As a former owner, I will attest - a pair of JTR ported captivators is a powerhouse, and exceptionally enjoyable system. It gave up precious little to my current eight sealed UM18-22 setup IMO.
  5. Tux?!?!? Complaining about flat, nearly perfect frequency responses? The cap 1400 already has massive output - beating anything else at the typical ID comparable pricepoint by bounds from 20hz and up, with the most enviable FR I think we've seen yet from in an ID system. I think it's an amazing test result! Triple A! The flat FR allows for incredibly flexible placement -- you don't have to corner load, counting on boundary gain, or EQ up to get up the bottom end frequencies. Your auto (or manual) eq has a fantastic starting place. Isn't that like the golden egg of speaker/subwoofer design? Woot!
  6. The new Total Recall seems to have some very deep enjoyable bass. I just watched it last night. Multiple bass drop sine waves, throbbing deep stuff for the building sized taxi that goes through the center of the earth. There is a very good sense of audio/bass weight in the movie to the big machinery.
  7. Mfusick you can hear for yourself first hand at the meet up north that lukeamdman and stormwind13 are putting on July 26th.
  8. I tried a Yamaha P3500S amp on a pair of JTR Captivators. It worked fine and I was very impressed with the amp, though it was underpowered for my application. The amp wasn't rated for 2 ohm stereo use, but it worked, and the fan never kicked on in my usage of the amp. It has a thermal turn on point of 90*C. Overall I was very impressed with the Yamaha p-s series. Build quality is among the best of any amp I've messed with. Attenuators have a satisfying solid feel, very solid all around!
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