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Not loudest -- the pair of Orbit Shifters still hold that title --- at least in my experience list.


carp's was the best, cleanest, most enjoyable, most wowing "bass demo" I've experienced.  It might have a lot to do with that particular clip too -- not to discount his setup at all (which is excellent) - but I've been in several rooms now with >=eight 18" sealed, including my own --- and popalock's smaller room with 16 of the same subs that carp has nine of --- so it's not just about the subs themselves - but probably the content as well.  The scene was fantastic, and his subs sounded perfect at the playback levels he demoed!


As to SPL?  The Orbit Shifters were WAY louder.  My ears hurt for a month after the OS demo, and I had ringing in my ears for nearly 3 months after that demo.

My ears didnt hurt at all the next day after Carp's demo.  Pant legs were flapping in the breeze though during carp's demo - that scene has some really impressive depth apparently - probably quite a bit of output below 25hz to get that low frequency air pumping feel - that the pair of Orbit Shifter could never match because that is well below their tune.  Carp's demo didn't at all hurt the ears or make anyone in the room put their hands over their ears (that I saw) because it wasn't about sheer SPL volume.  It was just excessive, deep, exceptionally enjoyable, clean bass!


I need to order that disk. I want to try to replicate that at my house.  :)   I sure hope I can replicate it--- if so that will be the new go to demo for any audition at my place.  For anyone not exposed to that kind of sound before it'll make you giggle like a school girl.  A friend of mine named Thruston who attended the crawl hadn't been exposed to anything heavier duty than a SVS 12" before and he was talking excitedly about the SVS before the demo.  During the demo I had as much fun watching him as hearing the demo.  He couldn't stop giggling and his face told it all.  He said there is no way you can explain something like that -- you just have to experience it.  I agree.


Apparently d_c played the same clip with his dual gjallarhorns and single 24" sealed in his room - but I missed that demo because I was preparing for my own demo later that night.  I would have liked to compare the two experiences between the 9 sealed 18" at carp's and d_c's horn setup.

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It must have sound similar Scott to what you are used to.


Definitely. Carp and I have nearly the exact same subwoofer system with eight d4 HT18's in 4cuft each all powered by a CV 5000. Although on top of that I also have six RLp18's and a much smaller room. :P


His bass was fucking nuts. I loved it. :D

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Which scene was demoed? The club? My personal favorite is the safe house. Shorter and not as much impact but lots of ULF. I also really like when he takes out the church and also when he takes out the SUV with that monster gun right after nearly being suffocated. Lots of good scenes in this movie.

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Woah, thanks Jonathan and Scott for the compliments.  That scene has become my all time favorite demo scene.  Those gun shots are so visceral.  I'm not sure why it's so good in here, but I do know that I had the subs VERY hot for that scene - a full 7 db's hotter than the subs were for the Ender's Game scenes.


I also love the scene at the end where he shoots the guy through the headphones and the car explosions soon after.  Those explosions shake my room very violently and I'm sure I'm clipping the hell out of the CV amp.   


I gave the kids the day off for track so I'm at home messing with the system.  Using the same settings I had for John Wick and AVR test tones my speakers are at 75 db's at the main LP and the subs measure at 89 db's.  


So, if this is accurate then for the demo we were at 6 under reference with the bass 14 hot so the bass was 8 over reference.  I'm not sure if I can trust those AVR test tones though.  That would mean that my subs were only 7 db's hot for ender's game.  I'm not sure I would allow 7 db's hot to exist in here.   :lol:   


We watched the same scene at Doug's and Scott and I were sitting right in front of the 24".  It was awesome but I didn't quite get the same "oomph" from it that I get in my room.  No idea why and it makes no sense.  Scott was sitting next to me so his impressions might have been different.  


The grenade from WWZ in Doug's room >>>>>> the grenade in WWZ in my room.  I kept making him replay that scene.   :)   

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The gunshots in Open Range? Pffft, no comparison.





Sorry, I don't.


Top graph is at his house, middle 2 graphs are at the club (check out the music droning in the background, comprised of all even number frequencies fro 4 Hz to 114 Hz... pretty awesome stuff) and bottom is in the parking lot where he gets hit by the SUV.


In case you guys missed this from the previous page ^^^

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Okay I rewatched this one and had a different experience with it this time around. I finally, finally got the setup going full throttle and actually enjoyed this a lot more. I knew what it was going to deliver but watched it around 6dB hotter and didn't take it too seriously. That club scene is the coolest scene I've experienced, very clean, very immersive. Makes the club scene from Dark Night look rank amateur.

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