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War Horse  

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War Horse (7.1 DTS-HD MA)

Level        - 5 Stars (113.21dB composite)
Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)
Dynamics - 5 Stars (31.2dB)

Execution - 5 Stars (by poll)


Overall     - 5 Stars!!

Recommendation - Buy (by poll)


Notes:  We might have found our next 5-Star movie, folks.  When I first viewed it and commented at AVS (my embarrassing posts to be found here and here), I had a single ported sub.  On a review of the BR from Netflix last night with a lot more sealed horsepower (hah), I found out what I was missing - a TON.  I have to eat a lot of crow on this one because I was wrong, and War Horse is an absolute MONSTER bass movie!


From the outset, the effects in War Horse are full-bandwidth, with a ton of deep content from 5-10Hz and above.  Though it doesn't skimp on midbass by any means, many of the biggest effects seem to have content to DC.  The war scene starting around the 1hr30min mark is spectacular! 


Fantastic sound design overall, with very immersive and convincing surround work.  Gary Rydstrom and his team did quite an amazing job, coupling huge levels with great extension and superb dynamics!  This is worth rewatching before you vote, as it's a pretty decent movie to boot.






SpecLab scenecaps:

















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Just finished this. Very difficult to give rating to this because overall little weird mix. Levels drop pretty sharply in all explosion on war scenes at 20-25hz, then there is scene like angry duck chasing guy's with under 20hz bass :blink:(lot of low level 10hz bass almost all horse scenes too). I would give 4.5 rating to this for execution if possible..just not quite feel like full 5 star execution. Movie dont have much re-play value to me, but sound was great in parts(that one thunder scene, when big guns start to shoot, galloping horses etc.) Maybe i give a re-shot for blu-ray if i find it cheap. :unsure:

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Some great scenes in this. Battlefield scene incredible. Audio was great too. One scene in particular scared the begeezez out of me. Start of battlefield scene first shot fires from left rear surround right across left and right rear backs to right rear sounding like a whistling firecracker then BOOM the subs explode as the rocket hits the turf! This was probably the best use of rears right across the four speakers I've ever heard followed by an awesome explosion. That was great stuff. Followed by an epic battlefield scene. Impressive. Probably a 4.5 for me and rent only but won't say too much to avoid spoiling.

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Awesome bass in this movie...would NEVER have watched this movie if nube did not mention this on the avsforum.

It shook the crap out of my place...war scenes were just awesome!

FYI...this is with 4x 21" sealed subs and 4x 18" sealed subs.

I play my movies REALLY loud all the time...will be re-watching it just because I'm a basshead and need this kind of abuse!

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