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  1. Sorry bosso but it wouldn't be the first time for me seeing a big difference say between a TRUEHD track compared to the ac3 track of the same movie I remember one that you and I had a big difference and you had gif'd both comparisons and they looked very different Just as a FYI I will only graph the best audio of a Blu-ray Disc I also rip my movies and only keep the high end audio on my rips Regards
  2. Not sure if sarcastic or not ???? Sorry I should've explained myself better I use jriver to downmix the 5.1 - 7.1 channels to a mono audio file per desertdome's instruction and then run the mono file through speclab. I will only analyze the DTS-HD MA or the TRUEHD audio files I never analyze lower quality audio files Regards
  3. Good idea...I'm going to do this one day...I'm curious to see the diff. I will do a whole movie and post them here
  4. Awesome MK!!!!! All you need to do now is before taking the capture change the following from 0 to 2 so we see the graph a little more
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