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  1. Sorry bosso but it wouldn't be the first time for me seeing a big difference say between a TRUEHD track compared to the ac3 track of the same movie I remember one that you and I had a big difference and you had gif'd both comparisons and they looked very different Just as a FYI I will only graph the best audio of a Blu-ray Disc I also rip my movies and only keep the high end audio on my rips Regards
  2. Not sure if sarcastic or not ???? Sorry I should've explained myself better I use jriver to downmix the 5.1 - 7.1 channels to a mono audio file per desertdome's instruction and then run the mono file through speclab. I will only analyze the DTS-HD MA or the TRUEHD audio files I never analyze lower quality audio files Regards
  3. Good idea...I'm going to do this one day...I'm curious to see the diff. I will do a whole movie and post them here
  4. Awesome MK!!!!! All you need to do now is before taking the capture change the following from 0 to 2 so we see the graph a little more
  5. MK, Send me a PM with your email address so I can send you my settings so this will be easier for you.
  6. I use TSMuxer and only tick the audio track that I want to analyze. I don't see how you can do that with JRiver.
  7. You're going to have to get JRiver and follow desertdome's guide on how to convert the audio portion of a movie to a wav file so you can then analyze it through Speclab. I cannot find that guide anymore...sorry...so maybe you'll have to reach out to desertdome and ask him where it is. Before doing that with Jriver, you need to extract the audio portion of the movie by either using MakeMKV or TSmuxer. The hard part is setting up the Jriver portion but once that is done it's extremely easy from there on. Good luck
  8. OK I finally fixed it woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Very simple (Once you know!) Go to my documents/MiniDSP...till you find the "setting.xml" file and delete it. That's it... Thanks all for trying to help Kind regards,
  9. No I cannot...I cannot launch it and do anything at all. Pressing OK does nothing! It's frozen on that screen. It won't go to the setup page. This is really frustrating...I've had to disconnect my MiniDSP for now cause of no output and I need my daily bass. I'm now searching to try to reset it somehow...there's got to be a way.
  10. Could someone please help? I tried one of the files to load it into my MiniDSP and now cannot get my MiniDSP to work anymore I get this every time I launch it: W!!Warning!! Error input: Missing Biquad value(s). Please re-enter I cannot seem to get rid of this message so I can re-load one of my previous settings There's an OK button to press but nothing happens. Please help! Thank you
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