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    HST18 / HS24

    That is one of the most beautiful pics i have ever seen!
  2. Sorry bosso but it wouldn't be the first time for me seeing a big difference say between a TRUEHD track compared to the ac3 track of the same movie I remember one that you and I had a big difference and you had gif'd both comparisons and they looked very different Just as a FYI I will only graph the best audio of a Blu-ray Disc I also rip my movies and only keep the high end audio on my rips Regards
  3. Not sure if sarcastic or not ???? Sorry I should've explained myself better I use jriver to downmix the 5.1 - 7.1 channels to a mono audio file per desertdome's instruction and then run the mono file through speclab. I will only analyze the DTS-HD MA or the TRUEHD audio files I never analyze lower quality audio files Regards
  4. My prediction is you'll see squat diddily doo between the 2 That's cement for you
  5. Luke, I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do re: the riser...really, really looking forward! I have the exact same problem as you I have a 10hz bw48 slope on my subs! Being on concrete really sucks the bag! As you I'm flat to 5hz but it's all upstairs that's felt the most! My eye is big time following what you're going to do Thanks
  6. Luke, Try the Dragon Blade scene I sent you and watch those subs flabbing their brains away.
  7. Good idea...I'm going to do this one day...I'm curious to see the diff. I will do a whole movie and post them here
  8. Can you give us a time frame of when any listening impressions will be posted?
  9. Nick I'm heavily invested in a stock that may explode soon and when that happens you'll be building quite a few of these for my room!!!! Don't forget you said you'd come "up" for a visit if I bought a few! I can't wait!!! Congrats on making a true monster!!!!
  10. Awesome MK!!!!! All you need to do now is before taking the capture change the following from 0 to 2 so we see the graph a little more
  11. MK, Send me a PM with your email address so I can send you my settings so this will be easier for you.
  12. I use TSMuxer and only tick the audio track that I want to analyze. I don't see how you can do that with JRiver.
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