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21" B&C DS115-8 Subwoofer - Respiro Del Diavolo

Ukko Kari

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Starting work on a pair of subwoofers utilizing the 8 ohm version of the DS115. Ports are sonotube, and to make them fit in the enclosure, they will have a 90 degree bend. The external dimensions of the enclosure will be 49 inches tall, 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep. Dual 9.25 inch sonotube ports will eat up about 4 cubic feet of room in the box, driver is .53 cubic feet. Bracing will be fit around the ports and the driver.

External cabinet volume is 24.5 cubic feet, or 693.76 liters.

Time is sparse to work on these, so they likely will not be operational until the new year.








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Not much of an update, since I haven't had a chance to work on this box or it's mate, but here's a few more pictures. There was a small error in the angle of the slices cut with a homemade large miter box and a handsaw,  which were edge sanded before gluing, which resulted in a greater than 90 degree angle.


The bottom and top of the enclosure need bracing, which will be tied into the front and back, and a few side to side braces will be installed around the driver beside the port before gluing up the last side.






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Moving up and down stairs to roundover, sand, fill any tear out, sand and paint was a bit of a chore, requiring assistance of a hand cart, ratchet straps and a strong volunteer. Also, the number of good weather days were limited, coupled with working away from home a lot meant that I could not spend as much time working on these as I would have liked at a time. Second one is partially assembled. rShpQ19.jpg

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