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Jurassic World - DTS-HDMA 7.1


Level - 4 Stars (110.61dB composite)

Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz on peak graph)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (27.59dB)

Execution - 4 Stars


Recommendation - Buy


Notes: Gets 5 Star extension on a technicality, actually a 12Hz film.  Clipping on occasion in the LCRs, all other channels clean, and clipping is not horrible, 4 samples max duration seen.  OK film, good sound, centered at 30Hz.





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Thanks Maxmercy. Be sure to check out the deleted scenes. We have been talking about this at AVS, but there is one short scene in the deleted scenes that has some excellent bass worth checking out. Deleted scenes are only 6-7 minutes long, but you will know the scene when it happens. :) Fatshaft has a graph of this scene and maybe he will post it here.

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Having just watched Terminator Genisys in my theater right before this one - this one was a disappointment. 

I'm looking forward to the thread/captures of the Atmos soundtrack for Terminator Genisys.  I thought the bass on Genisys was some of the best I've ever experienced.  It had several scenes where my nearfield subs were wobbling the chairs pretty good - even one impressive scene just based on a lower volume, but very deep feeling/hitting music soundtrack element.  Lots of interesting sounds, lots of textured bass if you will.  I felt like Jurassic Park bass in comparison was mostly 30hz thudding footsteps, and I found myself getting bored of the bass in Jurassic Park as the film rolled on - or maybe that was just bored of the movie - even just watching it for the second time.  I may be somewhat alone on this, but I really didn't think this new Jurassic Park was that great of a movie.  I won't condemn it, as there are those that obviously liked it here - but for me - it's a rental and a 3 star.


My bass affection isn't all about loud anymore.  Loud is good, and I do like a dynamic peak as much as the next guy --- but soft and deep and nuances that make you think wow that was low are fun too.  Genysis seemed to have several of those in my recent and first viewing as a rental.  I ordered the disk and will watch it again soon.

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First movie was the best of the series I think too!

I wish they would have cast a different lead actor and actress for the role of Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler.  I wasn't really fond of either of their performances.  They pegged the other characters as good as one could hope, John Hammond, Malcom, Nedry, etc.  Even the kids did fine, but something wasn't clicking for me on the original with the main two leads --- and it made what is probably my all time favorite fiction book, into a movie that also fell a bit short for me.


JP 2, and 3 were both pitiful.  Sad because the books are fantastic.  Michael Crichton remains probably my favorite author.

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