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  1. Yeah E3's bass was great and had an awesome mix as well! I'm willing to bet the Atmos embedded discs when done right will contain some of the best mixes going forward as this baby shows you don't need to over do it like T4 and no I'm not Atmos equipped! but these mixes are very impressive to say the least.
  2. EOT get's reference status from me ( this years "Oblivion" ) a flat out 5 anyway you look at it from sound design , extension ,dynamic range and just the best movie of the year for me! can't wait to watch it again.
  3. I posted on this over on AVS referring to possible clipping in Godzilla (purchased disc) ! At least its good to know it may be indeed be imbedded in the mix itself, it was only maybe twice or so! once in the left rear surround and once up front, other than that it was clean with great dynamics. I went perhaps +3db! over 0 on the volume on some scenes and it was killer.
  4. Nice work! I did that last year and as fun as it was the bathroom will have to wait and nice move on the big Mits 82,just cleaned the fan and mirror and dropped a new lamp in my 73738 and in love all over again
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