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Drivers for Gjallarhorn


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hello all,


I would like to build 4 Gjallarhorns for my home theatre.

As far as I know the best suitable driver seem to be the LMS Ultra 5400.


I mailed and called TC sounds several times but there is no response.

The PartsExpress link on the site say's: this product is no longer available..

Is TCsounds out of business?


One close contender driver seems to be the Mach5 UXL-18.

I mailed ISTonline several times but get no response..?

are they also out of business..?


Are there any other high performance drivers suitable for the Gjallarhorn?


Thanks in advance,

Best regards,


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No other drivers have been approved for use in the Gjallarhorn, unfortunately for those interested in this monstrous system.


IST has had a long time group buy going for the next batch of UXL's but I think the order is spoken for and some or none have taken delivery of this order, afaik.


The LMS-Ultra is THE driver for the Gjallarhorn and unfortunately TC Sounds is in their typical slump where they are not making things. I'm sure they will pop back up in a year or two. It's happened before, maybe a couple times even. :P



So you're only choice is to find these drivers one way or another or scrap the build entirely.

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If the Gjallarhorn is no option because of driver un-availability that is a good option.
I considered an alternative sealed or ported build with  the HS24 and the HST18 already.
I would need some help with a solid design, maby some of the forum members can help me out with that?

I wil start another thread, where I will give some more details of what I would like to achieve, roomsize and the equipment that I already have.

Also I will send an Email to Stereo Integrity to check if their drivers are available..?


thanks, best regards


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So, to my understanding, there is no way to find another driver suitable for that kind of TH? I mean, there is no other driver, produced by any company, anywhere, with which we could use in GH2, or a slightly modified version?

I am very interested in this subject, because I would want to build one in an year or so.


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Josh Ricci designed this system and has tested only a few drivers.


He recommends only the TC LMS-Ultra and that the UXL18 works as well. He has not recommended any other drivers. There might be something out there but it has not be verified to work in this system for sure.

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Here are the recommended drivers. Keep in mind I haven't verified either personally but based on their specs and the behavior of the other drivers I've used from each manufacturer I feel confident enough that these will do well.


B&C 21SW152-4 (This one will be giving up some low bass headroom since it just cannot move as much air as the 5400)


Mach5 Phallus (Skip the UXL and use this Mach5 driver. Models well. Much better than the UXL. I don't think it will move quite as much air as the 5400 nor handle as much power long term, but it should match the model since it has an underhung motor, light MMS, dual shorting rings and the aluminum phase plug. Inductance should be low.) For some reason I totally forgot about this driver and apparently never considered it for the GH. Looks like the best bet right now.


There is one more driver that may work but since I don't have any hard data on the other drivers from this MFG I can't recommend it until I look at it myself.

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I've got eight Stereo Integrity HT18d4's, six Sound Splinter RLp18d4's and six JBL 2226J's as part of the main subwoofer system in my HT room. All sealed.


How bout you? Last I heard you were working on a whole new subwoofer system.

Whoa!! Now them's some subs my friend. Working on a closing date for the purchase, should be very soon. The room is 13'x19'x a slight vaulted ceiling

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