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We watched Maleficent last night. Thumbs up, especially the superb Blu-Ray AQ and PQ. This movie is absolutely gorgeous to look at and great to hear. Lots of effective use of multi-channel surround. I have seen no measurements, but the bass was noticeable and enjoyable, particularly during battle scenes. Not a life changer, but your subs will definitely get some exercise. Overall, we thought the PQ, AQ and special effects in Maleficent are Disney at its modern best. Give it a spin if you're on the edge.

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This is the first movie I've run since I installed some acoustic treatments.  I settled on "-5" for the level.  I judged the LFE to be a bit weak in level and dynamics but was otherwise extended and well designed. The soundtrack as a whole was very good.  I experienced a degree of immersion that I don't recall feeling since childhood movie experiences.  Admittedly, my opinion isn't worth much since the room treatments are so new and clearly transformed my system's sound in a very positive way.


The movie was ok and a lot better than I expected, being Disney after all.

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