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Man, I wish I'd seen your level rating of 5 stars before I popped this one in, Abraham. :o


I was running the SW out at +7dB for a weak sauce-level flick and forgot to reset it flat. I had to jump    on the remote and back it down.


This SpecLab cap runs over a minute and ten seconds and it didn't get the whole effect on the screen! This cap was made with the subs at +2dB hot. Check out the waveform... maxed out and RELENTLESSLY getting stronger as the scene progresses. Also, check out the twin sine sweeps buried in there at 35 Hz and 40 Hz, slowly rising to 40 Hz and 45 Hz for 20 seconds!


Bosshog shit, this one is. :P



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This was a great ride at "-6".  When the movie was over, I noticed all kinds of sirens and helicopters outside my home and imagined they were responding to *my* house which was subjected to what seemed like a 5 minute long earthquake.  I much appreciated the judicious use of < 25 Hz bass throughout the movie and not just during the finale.


Edit: I liked the overall soundtrack to this a whole lot.  It kind of rescued the movie from the worst effects of the shaky camera thing.  Really, it was the audio that told the story while the video just made us laugh a lot.  I heard clipping in a couple odd places that I wouldn't normally expect to hear it.  (It happened at points that weren't all that loud.)  Otherwise, it was quite clean and surprisingly realistic.  I loved the sounds of the motorcycles, the older brother's car (including the car-frame rattling from his subs), and freight trains in the distance.  The sound effects were very convincing.


Second Edit: For some strange reason, I was very entertained by this movie, but it got fairly middling reviews.  Reading comments and considering my earlier statement that "the audio tells the story", my impression is that this movie might have been better enjoyed by those who had better audio experiences.  Normally I don't like the "shaky camera" style at all, but I didn't have a problem with it here.  OTOH, some viewers (e.g., on Rotten Tomatoes) reported motion sickness with one even vomiting.  Perhaps this movie would have been an empty shell without Randy Thom's very good sound work.  I also must point out that, listening in a partially treated room, I found it very amusing that most of the interior environments had much better acoustics than they would have in real life!

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