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Ender's Game  

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Ender's Game (7.1 DTS-HD MA)

Level        - 5 Stars (113.3dB composite)
Extension - 5 Stars (4Hz)
Dynamics - 5 Stars (29.1dB)
Execution - 4 Stars (by poll)


Overall     - 4.75 Stars

Recommendation - Buy (by poll)


Notes:  Ender's Game might be the next 5 star movie, although that's certainly up for debate.  This one does have a significantly humped graph, and kinda cheats to get that 5 Stars extension rating, but there is legit, unfiltered content down low at 4Hz. The mix is good, and the use of bass is pretty well done, though without any big effects below 20Hz.  Honestly, for those of you with big displacement sealed systems, this one is pretty good, but not great.  For moderate, commercial ported systems, it'll prolly sound like one of the best mixes ever. Check out the many scenecaps below to find out more.


Unfortunately, there is also clipping in the LCR and subwoofer channels that mars the otherwise good sound design.  This one isn't as clean and pure as the mix on some of last year's best, and there's a reason it's not nominated for any big sound awards, but it's generally pretty good.  Purists will prolly give this a 4 Star execution rating, but it's certainly a crowd pleaser visually and audibly, even if the movie was merely average at best.






SpecLab scenecaps:








(Solid 3.5-4Hz content)





(Rocket launch)








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4 Stars from me.  This soundtrack was good, but not great.  It sounded a lot like it graphed, but nowhere near 5-Star Execution IMO.  I cannot stand that LionsGate decided to only include a DD track on the rental disc.  If the 7.1 version is better, I will never know.  The cheapness of LionsGate on this BD and others has already precluded any purchase of this film from me.  Decent film, but I can see how the book would be much better.  Too many gaps to fill in the film.



EDIT - Having measured the rental DD track, it is different than the 7.1 track on the retail BD.  Only 16Hz extension, lower level, dynamics are nearly the same.  Too bad they couldn't include it in the rental.  I do not like the film enough to buy it, and if I was considering it, I wouldn't based on LionsGate's frugality.

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I just couldn't suspend disbelief for this film....Formics?  Come on.  Ants have formic acid in their sting.  They should have been a little more clever than that before naming the 'bad guys' in the film...I'm sure the book is better. Great visuals in many respects, though.  Also, hard to buy 'The Mandarin' (Ben Kingsley) as a serious dude after being tattooed up like mike Tyson.  He made me want to laugh.  Great potential, poor execution.



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Finally watched this the other week - I was having trouble getting into it as I thought a lot of the acting was cheesy (i.e. that totally over the top and not particularly believable black guy who was the main 'guard' character - he just had no authority in his voice for my taste!) and the story was so-so, but audio was pretty good.  I didn't think it had a great deal of lower-end stuff for some reason, the sofa wasn't rumbling as much as it does in other films, but I'm not quite sure what the resonant frequency of the sofa is so it may just have been deeper than that lol


I will re-watch when I have my sealed setup up and running!

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