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Ukko Kari

Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

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Now box # 2 has 4 sides and most all of the bracing glued and screwed in place. More biscuits were used compared to the first one,  and alignment of the panels is a lot nicer. Starting on #3, but weather is going to hold me up for a few days.

With parts cut in multiples and pre-drilled with the Kreg jig, assembly is a breeze. Also, it helps having 20 pistol grip clamps in addition to the corner clamps.

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Now that I have spent time with voicing the speaker, I haven't worked up the ambition to dial in a crossover on the Behringer DCX 2496, and move to the QSC power amps. Not to mention the other projects on the go!

Cold weather puts a damper on working outside.

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