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Faital 15PR400, BMS 4594 MTM

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Vertically pair symmetric 15” woofers with BMS Co-axial M/T, a practical approach.   As with most design decisions, rubber meets the road, eventually. This project has culminated a few

Starting assembly on number 2 and 3.

Tonight listening to music fairly loud, hitting the peak limiters in the iNuke 3000 DSP, suddenly I had red rings of death. I did have a saved preset file, and also some screen shots of the DSP settin

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Now box # 2 has 4 sides and most all of the bracing glued and screwed in place. More biscuits were used compared to the first one,  and alignment of the panels is a lot nicer. Starting on #3, but weather is going to hold me up for a few days.

With parts cut in multiples and pre-drilled with the Kreg jig, assembly is a breeze. Also, it helps having 20 pistol grip clamps in addition to the corner clamps.

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For the moment I will just replace it with another. I have a bunch of filters loaded in a DCX 2496, but work has been crazy, lots of overtime and not enough free time to swap it in with a QSC. Fast and easy to flash another Nu3000DSP.

Crown should have taken notes from Berhinger on the user friendliness of the DSP.

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