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Sub to fit between floor joists?


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First time posting on here even though I've built a couple of Othorns, etc. Also one of the builders listed over on BFM...

Anyway, any ideas on a sub to fit between joists? Depth and length are not an issue. Looking for loud and low. He needs twelve of them for his new house... I thought maybe something with a mouth extension. Of course BFM has an FLH that I could make fit but I would be limited to a 12" driver and I like the idea of a TH for the simpler build.

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I remember seeing a picture of that. 

Funny thing with this guy... I've already built 14 subs for him.

...they were for a nice club he owns. 10 dual loaded BFM T60s, 2 dual 18's I designed for him and I convinced him to try out 2 Othorns.

These are for different rooms in his house he's building. Yes, he likes bass but he wants horn loaded. IB would be easier but that's not what he wants.

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Ricci, it was a looong time ago. Back in the 80's. We were a band out of Nashville called Nobody's Business. A horn band like Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears..

lilmike, one of your designs might work and a single fold may also work. He likes the sound of horns. He has about 14.5" between joists. He's measuring again for depth and length. The picture he sent looks like about 8' by 2' or 3' off the ground. He's used to loud and low (ten dual Lab 12 BFM T60's in one room) in his club on the strip at University of Alabama. But we're limited to a 12" driver unless there's something that would fit sideways. Extension? Usable to 20ish would be nice - since this has to meet WAF I'm not sure of tradeoff between loud and low. How about 25hz with a 12" driver SPL.


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Later today/tonight I'm gonna mess around with Hornresp to see if I can come up with a single fold something with the mouth on the side. To see if I could shoehorn a 15" driver in. Part of the issue is the mouth area would be best if I could cover it with an air return vent of "normal" size. 14" x ?" (whatever he thinks he could get away with WAF)

I'm also itching to build a Skram with the Lavoce driver... It looks good....

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Gonna be tight fitting a driver of ANY capability sideways in a 14.5" space. I've got a pair of single-folds in my theater, those cabinets are only 16.5" deep externally, and the drivers (18Sound 18NLW9601s) are a snug fit. I couldn't make these much narrower, maybe a half inch. That's still a couple inches too big for this application.

My main issue with 12-inch drivers has been finding a good one. I have basically quit looking, all the cool kids are running 21s these days anyhow. 

Alpine's old Type R 12 was a decent tapped horn driver, one of the better 12s I worked with. No idea about their current drivers, and the engineer I know that used to work there has long since moved on. They'd handle 25 Hz without trouble, possibly lower. You'll probably need multiples though.

I have an old thread at AVS that goes through basic tapped horn simulation, design and folding. It covers how to do a single fold pretty well. 

Another option would be to make a mouth extension through the joist bays and run the horns perpendicular to the joists. My 18s have a mouth that is 13" high.

B&C's 15TBX100 and 15SW115 are both good performers in tapped horns and 25 Hz is within their reach, though highpassing is mandatory.  A single fold with those might fit into 14.5", but you should draw it up with the actual driver dimensions to be sure.

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Thanks! I've read most of your threads through the years... in fact I have the AVS tutorial pulled up now. I hear you on the 12s. For me sometimes the smaller drivers impress me more. I built  your Anarchy about a month ago with the Apex driver and I love it. Since we don't run super loud bass in media room (we foster parent little kids) I pulled my bigger sub out and replaced it with the Anarchy. Nice.

I remember delivering some top boxes to a guy in Huntsville and he demo'd a pair of (...)wreckers that he had with Alpine drivers. Pretty impressive.

I'll check out your suggestions. I don't look forward to building 12 THTLPs with all those panels....

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