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Don't feel worthy starting a new topic. AVS overly censored


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I'm not an overly poster on any forum...

I'll admit I can be an A'hole sometimes but it is mostly a lightly one at that is trying to have something I guess I find funny come from it....

I have noticed several common posters the past few years have been censored on AVS for overly light discussions.  It is not looking good, and I guess I am another that is likely done over there.

I can't even find this forum's rules which,  the forum I have read and enjoyed from time to time since 2014?

Is this a safe place to send others too that are not complete A' circumference bass-heads?

If this is inappropriate please let me know.  I'll decide for myself how often to participate then.

This is all sad, but times and locations change...

Thank you.

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We're not prudes. You can say asshole here. Fuck too, as far as I know. We'll see if I get banned for that...

Things here are NOT like AVS. I'm not a mod, but I do know a couple of them.

Long and short - show up, participate and give a shit about what we discuss, and don't be a dick about it and there won't be any issues. 

Nothing wrong with calling a duck a duck. Nothing wrong with having an opinion. Just don't expect to find a bunch of sheep here. I can't (and won't) speak for the others, but I really don't give a shit about what the Internet thinks of what I am doing. I do what I do because I think it might be cool. If it is, I share it, if not, I tell people not to go down that road...

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Pretty much what Mike said...We don't have official forum policy. There are a couple of us that are "mods", of which I'm one, but at this point it is mostly about having the rights needed just in case. Mostly for banning spammers that get through the gates occasionally. Small team and member pool here. There is no on-duty forum sheriff, 24/7 policing around here. Ain't nobody got time for that and really it's not needed. If someone acts like a true scumbag ass-hat they'll get the boot but that's never happened to this point. 

If this forum ever got really big and developed a problem with lots of post moderation needed I'd probably lean towards going to using real names for users. (I always have on audio forums anyway) That seems to prevent a lot of BS in the first place without having to employ a bunch of internet police. 

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I think what db does better than many other sites / forums is that discussion here can be backed by real numbers.  Subjectivity, while is fun to discuss and does have value, can't really run unchecked to the existing data. Now, data does not capture everything, and I will admit that there is a certain adoration I hold for some subwoofers that don't even hold a candle to most things in our list and I'm not shy about it. Its fun to discuss everything, big, small, expensive and cheap, don't worry about getting ridiculed.






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