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As a total Newbie who just joined today, I have to say my hat's off to those who have done all this analysis work. This is fantastic! :)


It's great to see someone validating the work that was published decades ago, which showed that even just HEARING (not to mention FEELING) goes down at least 2 octaves below the usual "20Hz cutoff" generally (incorrectly) quoted as the lower limit of our perception. All you have to do is stand near railroad tracks as a train is going by, or feel the rumbling bass power in thunder to figure out that there's a LOT going on down there.


However, although the title of the Bass Content thread mentions games and music, but all I've been able to find so far is movie soundtracks. Don't get me wrong, this is awesome, I love deep bass, which adds tremendously to the excitement of movies! But I am wondering since there is so much content under 20Hz on so many movies, what about games? My searches for "game" or "games" on this thread haven't been successful. :(


My suggestion would be to have 3 separate threads - one for movies, one for games and one for music.


Any help you can give me, pointing me to game or music spectrographs would be much appreciated.





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Battlefield has some serious bass, I've posted some graphs from Battlefield 4 a while ago, will have to dig them up.


EDIT: Here is the post:



Only two graphs but have a couple more.

Wow. I have BF4. Was that the campaign or online?


I think it's called Borderlands 2... a friend of mine SL'd it and it has tons of bass that is unfiltered.  He didn't screen cap any of it though. 

That game is fun as hell especially co-op. Might have to pick that up.

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Those were taken at the testing range and the others are not quite as impressive.

The .50 cal Snipers you can pick up on some maps sound pretty fun and stuff like RPG shots or the boat's cannons are cool too.

And then there is moments like a tank you're sitting in getting blown up with c4 or a cruise missile expldoing on top of you that just shake your whole room (seriously, I sometimes wanted to be hit by that cruise missile...).

I never got around to capturing some of the big "levolution" events (collapsing skyscrapers and stuff like that) but I felt like those were synthetic sound effects (as opposed to real-life recordings for stuff like gunshots and explosions) which lacked extension and sometimes just sounded plain unimpressive.

As for the campaign, the sound is the same as in multiplaye which means it is great, except for the scripted "cinematics" which sound ... weird. They sound completely different than the rest, are somewhow horribly distorted (probably to make them sound more impressive on TV speakers) and lack any kind of low end except for some strange sweeps.


Here are those .50 cal snipers (bolt action at first and the semi-automatic one at the end).


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If anyone is up to measure a game or two, I highly reccomend mass effect 3. Though it seems filtered at 20hz, it offer plenty of unique effects that add weight to near most anything you do (be it firing a gun or using an ability.) The first two mass effect games offer content thats full bandwidth, but just not as refined imo.


The dead space series also has very nice surround atmospheric effects coupled with abrupt deep bass effects (seems like kind of a modern jump scare staple I suppose).


As for borderlands 2 , this shouldn't offer much in the way of spoilers. Acquire the bee shield and a sandhawk gun (sandhawk can obtained from the captain scarlett dlc).  The amount fullbandwidth bass each shot from this item combination produces may leave you unhinged (let alone a door or two). Very, very, very high level content across the board on this item combo, I  urge lowering the volume level prior to taking a shot with both items equipped.

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