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  1. Has anyone seen the 12 Monkeys TV-series? I recently watched the first season and am half way through the second now and it has lots of loud bass. And it's not just your typical boomy TV-show bass, it's clean despite being loud and it reaches very low at times. The first season finale was particularly crazy as almost half of the episode (about 17-18 minutes I'd say when looking at the waveforms) had a deep bass pumping. Very similar to Pulse but not quite as deep and it seemed to vary a bit more. It actually started to annoy me after a while because it just wouldn't go away, I'm sure some people would have gotten a headache from that.
  2. Ok, so it really doesn't have that much more bass. I guess no one expected it to go below 20 Hz since it's still a movie from 1998 but it seems like it's extension is at least around 25 Hz. And when you compare the Atmos chart to the old one you can see that the average graph is about 7 or 8 db higher on the Atmos track. I guess I was a bit over enthusiastic about the bass on this one but I'm still convinced that the Atmos track is a lot better than the previous one, it's far from "nonexistent" (that's what Nube said about the other track).
  3. I actually watched The Fifth Element with the new Atmos track yesterday and it does indeed have some nice bass. I've never heard it on a proper system before and I certainly don't have nearly as big a system as some others here but I'm pretty sure it has a lot more bass than the mix that was already measured here. I recently watched a bunch of movies of similar age (Godzilla, Armageddon, Dante's Peak) and none of those had as much bass as The Fifth Element. The bass also sounded more "modern" than on the other movies. It definitely has some missed opportunities (the biggest explosion sounded quite unimpressive) but some scenes (like the second biggest explosion) really rattled my room. Sure, the blu-ray.com review is heavily exaggerated but I don't think they use particularly sophisticated systems, since they even attested great bass to 2012 and The Hobbit (and Sucker Punch for that matter).
  4. If you can't wait for Mad Max to be measured, read the review at highdefdigest.com. There is a link to a graph and it seems like a 5 star extension (and probably level) movie according to that one.
  5. As someone with an SVS PB-1000 (for now...) I can kind of relate to that, at least with the 2009 Star Trek (along with some other highly rated movies). I was a bit disappointed with it and expected more but I could tell that it was mostly because I was missing out on quite a bit of low bass. Watching Battle L.A. on the other hand was some of the most fun I ever had with my HT, the soundtrack is almost perfect and a lot of fun even when missing out the low stuff (thats how you know a soundtrack is well done). It made a movie I considered to be one of the worst I've ever seen at the cinema extremely enjoyable. I guess watching a german dub the first time didn't really help matters since it made most of the lines even more ridiculous.
  6. I think Transformers 4 shouldn't have gotten a 5 too. It shows that the voting system isn't perfect, 11 people thought it was a 5 while 18 people gave it less. So if 3 of the people who gave it 4 stars had given 3, it would have gotten 3. I think taking the average of the votes makes more sense. This would mean 4 stars for T4, which I personally would agree with.
  7. It's from the Quicksilver Scene, right when everything (almost) freezes. I've got some more graphs but they aren't that impressive and I've reached the upload limit (again).
  8. Edge Of Tomorrow sounded great and it seems to be completely unfiltered. There's a lot of sub 20 and even sub 10Hz (which is quite loud) stuff in there. Levels are a bit on the lower side (at least thats what it sounded like to me) but it was a thousand times better than something like Godzilla. And the opening scene was nuts. EDIT: Found out you can delete old attachments, so I can upload some graphs. (time in filename) Edge Of Tomorrow: Beginning: Some part of the finale: The new X-Men had a cool scene too: The rest wasn't that impressive, levels were on the lower side and it didn't go really low. And while I'm at it a scene from the Godzilla finale And the flood wave: And Captain America:
  9. That's propably true and I have to admit to only having a single SVS PB1000 (flat to slightly below 20Hz in my rather small room). The new Captain America does indeed have the loudest content at about 30Hz (there is one pretty ridiculous moment) but there is a lot of lower stuff. Especially gunshots have some loud sub 20Hz bass added to them. If I could post my graphs you would also see some othe low stuff (and a loud 12Hz tone I didn't notice).
  10. I know it's not out in the US yet (but it is where I live) so it will be a while before it gets measured, but you can already get excited for the new Captain America movie. Great bass in this one, since the Avengers I'm always like "let's hope there isn't a 30 Hz filter in this one" when watching new blockbusters but thankfully that was not the case here at all. Was going to post a couple of graphs but apparently I've reached some kind of upload limit, maybe this could be increased somehow?
  11. I said I would post some graphs from Battlefield 4 a while ago and totally forgot about it, so here are a few: Using a Tank to destroy another one: The red tuff at the end is the other tank exploding, the stuff before that are the tank shots. I was a few steps away from the explosion at the end so if someone blows up a tank you're sitting in it's even louder. Stationary .50cal MG: I have a couple more but apparently I've reached some kind of upload limit, so I can't post them. Those were done on the "Testing Range", so in an actual game you will have multiple of those effects at once and are basically bombarded with LFE for the duration of a match. Also, this game has huge dynamics and a surround mix that puts most movies to shame.
  12. Did anyone here watch "Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey"? There's tons of low bass in there. For example a part of the Intro: And a scene from Episode 1 where the "Big Bang" is shown: Most of it is pretty low level but there's a lot and it has great extension.
  13. Well, thats quite a list and while we're at it you might want to add Insidious (the first one) to that list too. Also, I made some graphs for Battlefield 4 some days ago and can post them if you want (maybe in a new thread?).
  14. I know I already suggested it, but I really think you should measure Slumdog Millionaire, there was a surprising amount of low bass in there. Especially a chopper scene at the beginning was crazy: Another scene later in the movie: Lots of the bass comes from the score, there was a scene about an hour into the movie which had some loud 30Hz hits from music. As for Trance (which I mentioned earlier too), it seems like this doesn't go as low as I thought. Skipped through the movie and could only find scenes with loud 30Hz but nothing below that, although there may be scenes that go lower (been a while since I watched it). I definitely liked the way bass was used (and the soundtrack overall), but it sounded like there was some clipping.
  15. Thanks for the response, I always suspected that my graphs might be a bit hot, but didn't know what to to about it, as I set the input level exactly as high as possible without clipping. I changed the settings in Speclab and it looks a bit more realistic now, although almost a bit too "cold". Here's a graph of the Pompeii scene at 1.06.20 with the new settings: Also, as you already measured Sunshine, could you propably do Trance and Slumdog Millionaire too (same director)? Watched them recently and especially Slumdog Millionaire had some surprising bass, even sub 20Hz stuff. Trance would propably measure similar to Sunshine. EDIT: I thought I'd graph a more well known scene, so it's easier to see if my graphs are accurate. Here's the Washington Monument Scene from OHF: Second EDIT: Experimented a bit more and compared to some already posted graphs and it seems that setting the offset to somewhere between 10 and 15 makes my graphs look exactly like yours, so I'll settle for 12. Might be doing some graphs for Battlefield 4(video game) now if you're interested, it's got some serious (unfiltered) bass.
  16. Hello everyone, I've been visiting this Forum for a while now and thought I might contribute something, as I have the ability to do Speclab graphs pretty easily. I set it up using Bossobass's tutorial, but my graphs seem to look a bit different (not exactly sure why). Input is my soundcard's "Stereomix". I got some graphs for Robocop and Pompeii. (Timestamps in Filename) Robocop: Pompeii: I also would like to suggest Sunshine (2007) for measuring. This has a lot of deep bass and an overall great soundtrack. Here's a graph of a scene near the end: I also got a ton of other graphs (a couple of them from the game Battlefield 4 if anyone is interested), which I posted on another forum but only recently started to name them properly so it's a bit hard to tell which movie they belong to.
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