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  1. Haha yup that's all that matters. I know they're a little bit more than their predecessors but the looks, and silence upgrade, is well worth it. I personally would've never put one in my room, or a clone, just for the loud ass fans let alone that ugly faceplate. I got a newer FP clone for my near-field subs and I can hear the fans through my 3" thick door. 😐Yah I could do a fan mod but I'm not sure that's a wise idea on the clones and as soon as there's any sound then it's masked even at -40MV. So in my closet idc but for a lot of guys who use these amps it's an amazing upgrade and for $550/450 they're a bargain still for the DIY community.
  2. Actually I don't think the new ones need a fan mod. So not only are they MUCH better looking, but in the short time I've played with one, I have yet to hear it ramp up. Granted there isn't any boost/eq of any kind down low yet but my friend is running 8 JBL CX1200's on one and we watched demo scenes and music at close to reference with known heavy and low bass and the fans never once spooled up. Then again maybe they're broke...🤔😂
  3. Thx. I'm picking it up Monday in 3D. I'm surprised you like Paul Rudd and not Chris Platt though. It was all cuz of that dancing wasn't it? Hey Jonathan you got overheads or heigh speakers for your ATMOS setup?
  4. Well I just meant the processor would choose another codec, not derive DTS from the DD track. I know some movies have both a DD and DTS track. I almost always choose the DTS track anyway I just wondered if the processor, if not able to decode ATMOS, would select a default track. I see what you're saying though and that makes sense. As far as the overheads go I doubt you need much more than the Emo's anyway. My JBL's are fantastic for surround crossed at 80hz and I'd use their in-ceiling speakers for the ATMOS channels. Btw just checked out a house with 9ft ceilings in the basement. ATMOS and riser here I come.
  5. Man I was f'n dying watching that! Thx for that Max. Though it did also make me wonder how in the hell I sat through the whole thing?? Plus my wife, who never watches anything with me, stayed and so did my step-daughter. I was thinking the whole time "any minute now they're gonna get up and walk out on this movie". Nope. Sat through that pos they called a movie with me. To top it all off.....I had the SEQSS set to 18hz.
  6. Well after watching Jupiter Ascending I think I can watch anything. I do hope Ant man is as good bass wise though since most reviews on the movie are great.
  7. Those Emo's aren't bad. Atmos overheads are not full range yet anyway are they? Specs? Oops just saw they require full range which I imagine you still cross at 80hz. So even if the processor can't decode Atmos it won't default to a codec other than DD 7.1?
  8. Don't quote me on this but I believe the Atmos mixes defaulted to DTS 7.1 on an Atmos mix I watched the other day. I'll check tonight to make sure. Hey Scott f you you elitist sommabitch! You and your fancy Atmos. Btw what are you using for the overhead channels?
  9. The first was a classic and Jeff Goldblum was hilarious but I have a feeling the bass, 3D, and Chris Pratt should make this a great watch
  10. You gotta be kidding me.....So what this is gonna be like AVS now?? Someone suggests he starts another thread knowing most people are staying out of the thread because of his long posts and movies that no one cares to watch or even has access to, and WE get told to simmer down and called children? Whoever is reporting this needs to grow up. If this is how this forum is gonna be I'll gladly leave.
  11. Haha we do love dem low end ported measurements. Actually I need to watch some damn movies. Gotta get caught up.
  12. Yah I saw his list of gear. I stopped reading it after the first post. Somewhere the signal is clipped. Though Dave's suggestions are valid.
  13. Looks like he could be clipping the signal. If you do that's exactly what the low end response will look like. It happened to me posting some caps the first time I didn't realize were clipped.
  14. Yah I was thinking that. I figured you woulda loved that and never remembered anyone else mentioning it either. The content is there just VERY low levels. Definitely not anything like the cap showed off the disc. Curious what disc was used too.
  15. Hey I checked this scene out after you posted and at reference with the subs 15db hot I still got nothing from this scene. I have roll off below 10hz and although the content was there just nowhere near anything to feel it. My amp was barely flickering too which means it didn't see much there. Curious what gear you were running and how hot your subs were to feel that?
  16. Holy hell! That is one big amp. Though once you get them into postion you typically don't ever move them again...unless it's a Sherbourn. That has got to be the best response so far. It actually has a hump at 5hz. Beautiful.
  17. Well this is the loopback thread so I think this should be in your own separate thread anyway, but that's exactly my point. Regardless of the rolloff the FR for both sets of subs in your graph are nearly identical. How can subs 6ft away have almost the *exact* same FR as subs 14ft away?? I guess anything is possible but that's highly unlikely. They're almost the same level and shape... Sorry for the off-topic guys.
  18. Hey James isn't that odd how the rear FR matches the front?? Those responses are eerily similar like it was the same subs just another sweep. That green one looks more like a near field response than the dark purple.
  19. Yah I haven't tripped my 30A breakers once and the only torture scene I haven't done yet is the infamous dragon crash in HTTYD. I didn't know that once tripped they're easier to trip after that tho. Thanks for the heads up.
  20. I was looking at that graph yesterday and noticed the harmonics and thought I wonder if I heard any of that. I remembered I played that scene about 7 times. At those levels even my room, which is usually quiet save for a an occasional rattle or two, was making some strange noises. I didn't even wanna walk upstairs because I know it would've sounded awful. Between the fundamental and room shaking there's no way in hell I'm hearing those harmonics or any distortion for that matter. Whatever harmonics played I didn't hear it with the subs +5 above reference. Not to mention when the 10hz tone played I heard absolutely nothing except for the doors moving from the pressure and of course the couch was shaking. If those harmonics at 20hz(or any frequency)were audible I'm pretty sure I would've heard them in my room. 10hz is pretty easy to discern for me now.
  21. Oh yah I get people didn't love the movie. Really didn't think anyone would. It was an old-school action flick with the typical one-liners. I just didn't expect much going in except for lots of violence. I think it lived up to that. Plus I love Stallone, Jet Li, and Statham. If you found the 2nd enjoyable I should love it haha.
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