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  1. Haha yup that's all that matters. I know they're a little bit more than their predecessors but the looks, and silence upgrade, is well worth it. I personally would've never put one in my room, or a clone, just for the loud ass fans let alone that ugly faceplate. I got a newer FP clone for my near-field subs and I can hear the fans through my 3" thick door. 😐Yah I could do a fan mod but I'm not sure that's a wise idea on the clones and as soon as there's any sound then it's masked even at -40MV. So in my closet idc but for a lot of guys who use these amps it's an amazing upgrade and for $550/45
  2. Actually I don't think the new ones need a fan mod. So not only are they MUCH better looking, but in the short time I've played with one, I have yet to hear it ramp up. Granted there isn't any boost/eq of any kind down low yet but my friend is running 8 JBL CX1200's on one and we watched demo scenes and music at close to reference with known heavy and low bass and the fans never once spooled up. Then again maybe they're broke...🤔😂
  3. Yah I really regret not getting rid of that pos a long time ago Max. I didn't realize how many issues I had till I got rid of it. My brother built me a gaming rig/HTPC and the Sherbourn would have handshake problems every time I turned it on smh. I like the Denon Pro series I just wish they had Atmos and DTS:X. Ukko I don't know if you're aware but last years Denon's are still going for pretty cheap. Really hard to beat for the prices. If you need the XLR outs for longer runs then yeah you can't beat the Pro series but the unbalanced outs are just as good in my set-up.
  4. I just purchased a Denon 4300 and I agree with SME on every point about Denon's AVR's. I keep raving to my brother how quiet the noise floor is and that is using unbalanced preouts as well. Before, I used the balanced outputs on a Sherbourn pre/pro and I didn't realize how horrible that pos was till I got the Denon. Also the sub outs have got to be some of the highest levels since I had to turn the gain in my sub amps more than a quarter back. I had thumps from my subs, feedback in my speakers, HDMI handshake issues etc. This Denon has been one of the best buys I've ever made for my HT.
  5. Yah man Paul is a mad scientist. When I visited them for the gtg I didn't see him cept for dinner and late night Digiorno snacks haha. That whole time he was cooking up the Dash-V. Plus he is the king of measurements! He always tries to make me feel better about being PC dumb too so I know he'll take good care of you.
  6. Hahaha yah Dom I'm not trying to be a dick. I thought many times of getting a clone. If I needed one when Rob offered to check em out first beforehand then maybe I would've gone that route. I know a lot of guys had no problems with them but then there are some who did. You won't need to buy another amp again that's for sure. Even with a budget, we all got em, it's not THAT much more and you get a warranty and upgraded components. Dave never gave the specs on the upgrades I believe, but he did it for a reason. You are building your subs with an amazing attention to detail and making sure ev
  7. Well you can set the VPL's for that. Don't see why anyone wouldn't spend a little more for an amp with a warranty and known roll-off specs.
  8. Man that looks awesome! Thx Max. Definitely picking this one up as I love the movies anyway.
  9. Madaeel

    HST18 / HS24

    Yes I'm sure he is. I was just referring to the cost of the subs but that it does make people feel better about purchasing when there's a working website.
  10. Madaeel

    HST18 / HS24

    At least you *have* a working site. It was a jab at a competitor who has yet to provide one.
  11. Madaeel

    HST18 / HS24

    Yah I agree I just think guys rely on Josh's numbers and forget what he uses to get those numbers, and the 24 was in a box that was what 20cuft?? Yes 8 24's would put out some insane numbers but only if they have some good power behind them. The K20 ain't exactly cheap. 8 of Dgage's 24's would be over $20k. Though he does a have working website so thats gotta mean something. I wish one hobby just one would be cheap.
  12. Thx. I'm picking it up Monday in 3D. I'm surprised you like Paul Rudd and not Chris Platt though. It was all cuz of that dancing wasn't it? Hey Jonathan you got overheads or heigh speakers for your ATMOS setup?
  13. Madaeel

    HST18 / HS24

    Some of this is over my head as far as what an amps capabilities need to be for reproducing soundtracks and sustained tones, but from what I glean I thought Dave's beef with this is just that 8 24's will not reach the levels people think they will off Josh's numbers simply because his numbers are off a 240V 50A line and an amp capable of extreme output? Whether it's up top or down low it still needs doubling the voltage for 3db correct? Sorry Scott she lol when I told her but the lighting is bad down there.
  14. Madaeel

    HST18 / HS24

    How could you possibly dare post something like this?!?!??!
  15. Hahaha I'll get right on that fellas.
  16. She did get a boob job this year. Best year ever.
  17. I will say I wish I did keep the 14K in the room in an open, but custom, cabinet. As hot as I run it would be nice to see the VPL's. I always check the movie here first for level and extension anyway, but it would be nice to not have to get up, open the door, and then turn my neck 180 degrees to see the VPL's. Once I get another processor that has less roll-off below 10hz I'll have to be even more careful. I HATE that word. Time for another system 3. Though the nice thing is in the closet there's no walls or insulation so the amp is in the cold for 6 months and so are the rest of my elect
  18. My basement does have a low noise floor but with the pj running it isn't quiet. 3D is even worse and you barely hear it on movies and I don't watch every movie at ref. That why Dave said it wasn't relevant. If you're listening at or near ref, noise floor or amps spooling up and running won't be much of a concern for 99% of people. I doubt anyone would be able to notice that in any scenario unless the amps were right behind your head. At least as far as the 14K is concerned.
  19. Well I do have the klippel results if you guys wanna em. I'm klippel certified.
  20. Even better I asked my wife. She holds nothing back. Yah you'll be fine man.
  21. You must have one noisy HVAC system. I have no HVAC in my room, below grade basement(no walkout), for soundproofing reasons and because even when its 90+ and humid outside I have a cool room and occasionally need a fan on, and for winter I use a gas fireplace. I've never been in a room as quiet as mine yet. I do have a noisy projector though which I cannot imagine any HVAC system being louder as it is overhead about 5-6ft away and Epson's are some of the loudest. Having said that at ANY point in a movie where it's not just dialogue, and for the most part even when it is, I can *never* hear my
  22. Yah *I* know what was connected I just like to tease you sometimes. I enjoy it immensely. Two Raptors in your room would be silly since just the one is coasting 90% of the time. San Andreas was loud enough with one that's for sure. I do wish I got a chance to see those HST's dance a little though.
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