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Pompeii Execution and Recommendation Poll - CLOSED



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Pompeii (5.1 DTS-HD MA)


Level        - 4 Stars (110.5dB composite)
Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)
Dynamics - 5 Stars (29.19dB)

Execution - 5 Stars (by poll)


Overall     - 4.75 Stars

Recommendation - Rent (by poll)


Notes:  Near constant DC noise, but lots of real content below 20Hz, with some happening below 10Hz.  The movie isn't great, but the bass is!





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I also thought the movie was crap, but I have no qualms about giving the bass a 5-Star rating for execution, knowing full well that the 4-Star levels will keep it from garnering the coveted 5-Star overall rating.  :)  I agree, though, it was missing something that most of the 4.75 and 5-Star rated movies have.  Perhaps it was the terrible scripting/directing,cinematography that kept me from really getting immersed.  My GF and I decided it was a B-style flick that thought it was an Academy award winner; it took itself waaaaaaaaaay too seriously.  Plus, gosh, John Snow - you're a terrible actor, and even CGI muscles can't help you look hot.

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Thank **** for that, the cinema I watched this in seemed to quite literally have removed any speakers larger than 8"...  ZERO bass whatsoever, so I am very pleased to see that there is a decent extension and level to it on a decent system!


(Missus wanted to watch it because she fancies the guy from Game of Thrones... :rolleyes:  lol)


Without knowing what the bass is like I can't really rate it properly, but as it's such a terrible movie I'll give it a 4 for bass and a strong Rent :P

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