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There is a new design suggestion from B&C, using one 21DS115 and two 18DS115 in an isobaric arrangement...


I'm not sure how to compare the outputs from the BC design to a skram or skhorn.

From a first look, it seems that this design could have the same output as a Skhorn, (driven with Sp6000 and Ipals, so not full power?) in an enclosure, smaller than a skram, with just little higher driver costs...


Anyone here who can say something about this design or isobarics in general?

All I read in a short overview is that an IB arrangement is used for compact, low end and low distortion output designs, for the tradeoff of higher driver costs... But how would the max SPL of an IB with two 18s or 21 look like, in comparison to two BR enclosures with the same drivers?
I didn´t got time to try to make a sim about that cab, but I´m curious about what else could one do with tha tkind of alignment

(I just found this during my search about Isobaric subs: https://vue-audiotechnik.com/active-compliance-management-acm/)



S21IB Suggested Design(1)_komprimiert (1).pdf

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It's an isobaric. These are not known for huge output.

The output is still limited by the excursion capability of the front firing 21. The 18's rear side of the cones are connected to the BR chamber. The front side does not radiate to the outside. The 21's rear side doesn't radiate directly into the BR chamber. It's a way that can be used to extend low end response in a smaller cab but it will not offer the output gains of using the 3 drivers conventionally. The vent size will limit the output near tuning and the 21's excursion will set the limit on the output above the tuning. Using the 2 18's and the 21 in conventional cabs (much larger of course) would greatly increase output headroom.

I'm kind of surprised to see B&C use this arrangement. It's a very expensive and heavy cab due to the 3 drivers. 

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