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  1. Pics? Tales of despair? Do tell. Sometimes it helps if you just talk it through.
  2. Just curious how much headroom you're dealing with. Can one box (or two) be driven hard enough to provide 'enough' clean output compared to the four? Will distortion become an issue, and if so at what point? If this was a single box you would be able to compare gains of adding drivers to the shared box volume (like MK's mini-IB). I like evaluating how a system performs and also at trends as you add / remove capacity from that system. Where is the sweet spot, etc. What do you actually gain by adding drivers, volume, power?
  3. I like this idea but not for 'break-in' but for evaluating the performance envelope and limits of the box / driver. The tricky thing might be dealing with the unpowered boxes. Shorting the leads will help but not eliminate the interference. Would you be willing to try this at some point? Compare system performance with one / two / four boxes?
  4. I put together a list of data for some drivers. Numbers in BLUE BOLD are taken from the mfg website or data-sheet, all other info is taken or derived from Data-Bass or the Voice Coil Test Bench (audioxpress). I just updated the list. Found some measurements on the 18tbw100 and an RCF driver. I threw in the Test Bench measurements for the 12" um12-22 as comparison.
  5. OK, I see it now. Your measured sensitivity (SplSens) is 97.26db http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=driver&id=27 The [Multi-Series] > (Sensitivity) chart show the 1m/10m sensitivity at ~100db/100Hz and still rising. The [Extended] > (Long-Term Compression Sweeps) chart shows ~95db/100Hz and leveling ... but that's at 2m! So that should be close to 98db at 1m. http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=109&mset=121 I just heard back that the 18rbx100 is available to order for about $20 less than the 18tbx100 and it looks pretty interesting. You
  6. I don't see where the 99/100db figure comes from unless you're looking at 500Hz or above. In your own testing you rated it at 97db. I'm looking for a cost effective replacement (if possible), that's reasonably efficient. I'd like to get a set of four so they're all matched. I'd like to 'upgrade' if at all possible. I'm pretty sure the 18tbx100 would be an effective replacement and am interested in options, feedback, ideas, etc. If I can get close to OE performance and pay less I'd like to do so. Low distortion, high efficiency and as much bottom-end as I can get ... for cheap! Ea
  7. If we say that, based on the chart, the JBL 2242h produces 115db/80W in the desired range (100-300Hz), that works out to ~ 95db/1W. Correct?
  8. For comparison, here is the cf1840jd measuement from the AudioXpress test bench. Measured at 8.2V.
  9. Some more info on the 2242h. From the 1995 technote, here is the driver response with 80W input and distortion raised 30db.
  10. I'm in Ontario, Canada. The woofer is just hard-wired to a terminal strip at the back of the box, the only crossover elements involved are some basic filtering & protection for the tweeter. I'm using MiniDSP and/or DCX2496 for crossover and filtering.
  11. Thanks for the tip MK, that driver looks like it could be from Eminence. The response isn't the best but it certainly looks serviceable. This thread seems to confirm that Eminence is the supplier. Does anyone have a pic of the tag on the driver? The ones on Data-Bass are too small to read. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/144121-craigsub-ss181-passive-subwoofer/ http://www.htaudioforum.com/subwoofers/57-chase-home-theater-18-subwoofer-driver-t-s-parameters.html Posted specs: Re: 6.963 Ohms Fs: 21.53 Hz Qts: 0.324 Qes: 0.355 Qms: 3.707 Le: 3.461 mH Mms: 369.4
  12. That'll cost me around $1400 - $1500. I can almost get FOUR new 18tbx100 for that price and I have a hard time believing there'd be much difference between them. I'd bet the B&C would perform as good (efficiency) or better (distortion).
  13. You could be right but I haven't had any luck finding any but I'm sure it takes time. We shall see.
  14. The AudioExpress links I posted are really good but there's very few pro drivers tested like that (that are publicly available). I plan on testing the drivers I have and whatever contenders I can get my hands on. It might take a few weeks / months but hopefully I can provide some useful info.
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