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  1. Thanks for the update and info! Did you end up using any flare or round-over on the inner end of the ports?
  2. Maybe some of this would be helpful? The Subwoofer DIY Page - Sealed Systems http://www.diysubwoofers.org/sld/
  3. I think if I was a vendor of drivers I'd look for interesting ways to promote the sale of more drivers. 😏
  4. Pics? Tales of despair? Do tell. Sometimes it helps if you just talk it through.
  5. Just curious how much headroom you're dealing with. Can one box (or two) be driven hard enough to provide 'enough' clean output compared to the four? Will distortion become an issue, and if so at what point? If this was a single box you would be able to compare gains of adding drivers to the shared box volume (like MK's mini-IB). I like evaluating how a system performs and also at trends as you add / remove capacity from that system. Where is the sweet spot, etc. What do you actually gain by adding drivers, volume, power?
  6. I like this idea but not for 'break-in' but for evaluating the performance envelope and limits of the box / driver. The tricky thing might be dealing with the unpowered boxes. Shorting the leads will help but not eliminate the interference. Would you be willing to try this at some point? Compare system performance with one / two / four boxes?
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