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  1. ...Did I ask the wrong question..? 🙂. @Ricci, anyone?
  2. Hi, I came here because I can't find answers I am looking for in other forums. I am designing a sealed subwoofer using the above driver. Technically I am trying to replicate a similar response to one that Ricci tested here in 2019. The cabinet size and input power are the same; 20K Watts FP20000Q Amp, 6.12 ft3. However, modelling this on WinISD shows that excursion gets past max at 25Hz. I have set the distance at 2 meters and input power is 2500 Watts. I can't get the model to behave and stay within excursion limits. I am aiming for single digits in-room, that is why I am replicating Ricci's model. Can anyone, please, share how I can tune this to get the around similar measurements Ricci got within Xmax? FYI, I am a newbie, looking to learn from experts. Also, if possible, someone please share the details on how to use Linkwitz Transform to predict in-room. Thanks in advance.
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