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Thor 2: The Dark World Execution and Recommendation Poll - CLOSED


Thor 2: The Dark World  

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Thor 2: The Dark World (7.1 DTS-HD MA)


Level        - 4 Stars (111.07dB composite)
Extension - 5 Stars (10Hz)
Dynamics - 5 Stars (29.41dB)

Execution - 4 Stars (by poll)


Overall     - 4.5 Stars

Recommendation - Buy (by poll)


Notes:  This one is an upgrade over the first one, with better extension, dynamics, and about the same overall level.  I think the effects had noticeably more extension than in the first, but only sometimes. If you compare the PvAs, you'll see that Thor has more between 20-30Hz than Thor 2, and I think that makes it feel like a much more powerful overall presentation.  After viewing some true bass monsters in the last few months, this one is no slouch, but also didn't leave me feeling too wow'd.  It's solid, but missing some in that critical range that gives it the impact for which a little extra from 10-20Hz, by itself, can't really compensate.





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Compared to the first, this one lacks the slam and impact, but does somewhat make up for it in rumble.  Overall, I like Kenneth Branagh's take on Thor than the one portrayed in this film.




Interesting because I still have issues with the first Thor movie. I really do try and like it but for whatever reason when I watch it I feel nothing. When I saw the 2nd I thought I wouldn't like it but I ended up enjoying it more than the first. No, it's not perfect but I liked it.

Got a chance to watch it last night. Sounded pretty good but just a couple notches away from being great. There were some pretty impressive effects here and there. Although I could imagine how much better it would have been if there was a bit more heft in the 15-30hz range. Dynamics were good. My favorite effect was whenever Thor dropped in using the Bifrost? Sounded cool.


Haven't had a chance to watch the first Thor on my new system (I really need to name these) so I can't really compare.

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The Bifrost scenes in the first Thor are impressive; the gang going to Jotunheim and esp when Odin bails their dumb asses out.  The second film's Bifrost scenes were good, but not on par with the first film's.  One of the main reasons is in the first film, there is silence (or near silence) surrounding the BiFrost arrivals.  In this one, a full-on battle is raging when Thor shows up on Vanaheim, decreasing its relative impact.  I also don't like that Asgard got a pretty serious re-model in the short interim when pretty much only the observatory was destroyed in the first film (I like the new observatory, but hate the new throne room), but they left open the 'marauders' 'pillaging' story after Bifrost's destruction........they could have f'ed up Asgard something fierce since the first film while Thor was off on Earth fetching Loki.....it was a VERY different visual presentation, and do the Asgardian swords and spears have to glow like Sting and Glamdring when they are swung?  Seriously?    


I did like the ending, though.  Perfect for the characters involved, and sets up a third film.



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