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  1. Your assessment was pretty bang on max. I figured not much ULF. But good dynamics. Decent movie too. Entertaining. Thanks for capping it.
  2. Thanks for the oblivion caps. Wanting to see this. Couldn't find it for rent on Tuesday. That's getting harder and harder to do. Won't buy it though.
  3. Bullet to the head was really fun. I'm not sure there's much <20hz but the bass was fun. The bass was in the action where it should be. The score was great to. I really enjoyed the movie. The plot was as thin as piss, but hey, I'm a sucker for Sly and for gritty action movies. This one has a lot of gun fire and I don't bore of that easily. Despite the thin plot there were still plenty of surprises, that usually came in the form of a bullet to the head. If someone caps it, I don't think we'll be wowed, but I wouldn't let all the bad reviews steer you away from this one if you're an action junky like me. Wow, two movies in one weekend I really enjoyed I didn't think I would based on reviews. Maybe I have bad taste
  4. I have bullet in the head in my possession now for tonight. I don't have high hopes, but red box didnt have much else.
  5. Just catching up on this thread. I really enjoyed DH5. Thought it was awesome. I voted rent if basing it on bass. But I'll be buying. I voted 3 stars for execution. I found the action never gave me bass. I hate movies that have pounding bass during quite but tense scenes. This had that. But then when the action broke, the bass was sorted light IMO. I dunno, maybe 4x12" isn't cutting it.
  6. Man I dunno if I have a favourite. I'm not quite the bass head or SPL freak as most here. I do have a sealed sub system, but it can't really do the sub-10hz stuff like a proper quad 15" mega watt system. However, I really enjoyed the Star Trek warps. I also liked the Skyfall helicopter/house scene because it was just so so bad in theatres I debated buying the movie. Then watching it at home really redeemed the movie. So that was nice. A lot of the "famous" scenes here I haven't even watched.
  7. How would the sound designers even put something like that on the disc? They didn't record that. So then do they do it digitally? But what kind of synth gear will let you put a blob of 1.5hz content in there? Would be cool to experience that. I don't think I'll ever chase those hz. A thigpen isn't on my list of upgrades. I don't even really concern myself with 5hz. I just let the subs do what they do below 15hz. If they make output great.
  8. Excellent. That scene was absolutely wretched to my ears in the theater. However, very fun at home. Something I'm getting out of your graphs so far, is the concentration is energy around 30 or 40hz. My subs impedance peak in box are at 36hz iirc. I measured but can't remember exactly. So amplifier demands should be low in this region. So I'm encouraged by that. Cause I don't use mega amps.
  9. MKT, thanks man! Even at the lower res I can see what's up. Seeing the graph makes sense based on what I heard, but at the time I thought there was more extension. That 20 to 30 stuff really twisted my guts
  10. MK, thanks for setting up. I'd love to be able to do it myself, but my time is spent on other things like measuring AT fabrics and speakers. So thanks to you for doing this. Has Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol been measured somewhere? I re-watched it a couple weeks ago and the Kremlin explosion was pretty good. Would be interesting to see that one. @ Bosso, your new player room vs nearfield measurements are conflicting around 80hz and up. What's up? Did something change?
  11. Thanks Max. It deserves repeating over and over, you're doing us a great service. A valuable resource.
  12. Hey, I actually feel a little at home after reading the above I got a Viewsonic 8200 spraying a 92" DIY spandex AT screen. Receiver is a Yamaha... Aventa or something. What ever their "elite" line is. It's the lowest one in that group. I bought it cause it was cheap and had preout a. Makes 90 watts/ch. LCR are a revolving door of DIY speakers. My most permanent speaker is an In wall design using the eminence delta 10a and SEOS 12. Surrounds are coming, but my space makes it a little difficult. Not sure yet what to do. Subs are 6 x CSS Trio12 in sealed DO boxes powered by a Crown XLS 202 and Behringer NU3000. EQ is handled by a minidsp 2x4. I get extension into the single digits, but its fading by 7hz. And a little suck out at 12hz.
  13. Love the movie, but didn't think there was any ULF. Have it on Blu and don't think I've cracked it open yet. Watched my DVD copy many times.
  14. In the theatre I heard a hard clip when the dragon smashes into the castle. Real hard. Front and center. Any chance this is the center channel clip you're referring to Max?
  15. A disgrace. Terrible. A waste. No excuse. And to think of the following this film has. I know when Gladiator hit blu ray all the videophiles flipped out enough that WB re-released it without the EE and other video issues. IMO this is the same failure, only on the audio side and deserves a re-release. I certainly wouldn't buy this. Sickening.
  16. Not really related to this thread, but had to share. Last night I finally got around to watching Goldeneye. A favourite of mine ever since I went to see it in theaters as a young teenager. Really not that long ago, yet watching it was just hilarious how bad the sound was. Especially the LFE. In my mind I remember it as huge explosions, tanks, gun fire, etc. Not quite how I remember it. The new movies have come so far. The sound tracks on this thread's list are so good, even the 3/5 ones. I still love the movie, but it'll always be better how I remembered it back in the day.
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