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  1. Thanks bmoney. Dang, I didnt think it would bother me all that much. But it is like listening to mp3s...
  2. I watched escape plan while off sick for work today. I can't say there was much impressive bass. The whole sound mix in general was a little blah. And the level was to low (and I rarely say that). But then it occurred to me, this was a redbox rental. Did I get burned by the lossy format getting put on the rental disc? I returned it before I could find out. I haven't voted on execution because I need to factor this in but unsure what I actually heard.
  3. I watched Rush last night. Really impressive dynamics. I enjoyed the race scenes immensely. The only really noticeable ULF for me was just after THE crash there's a waft of flames and the sound design did this nice wafting of sound over my room with the flames. Make the house creak otherwise it may have blended into the scene even more and gone unnoticed. Which would have been a good thing actually. The rest of the extension is there, but just so well balanced with the snapping engines and squawking tires that its really not attention grabbing, in such a very very good way. This is the kind of sound mix I put so much effort into my HT for. Mind you, I'm a gear head so that made it extra special for me. WAF alert, the boobs and excessive swearing lessened the experience for me because my wife is really not into that stuff. If that's the same for your household, beware there's several boob scenes and a whole lot of f bombs and such.
  4. Ah ya, that makes sense. I to have become quite critical of what I buy based on stupid shenanigans the studios pull.
  5. I can't imagine why it would be a whole different mix. I mean, even the video between DVD and blu ray is usually the same for a new release. Why would the developers waste their time. Then again, why would they waste their time printing a disc with lossy audio just for the rental market. As if that changes many minds.
  6. I'd like to see escape plan. Hopefully my local redbox has it. Nice rating. Seems some better results are coming out finally. Not to many stinkers lately.
  7. Alright, if you say so. I love racing, I love true (sorta) stories, and I love bass. Can't go wrong eh! EDIT - Bought it. Will hopefully give it a spin this weekend.
  8. Thanks so much nube. I'm surprised most of the intensity is centered on 30hz. I see some blobs down at 20hz and down though. It was probably the duration and bandwidth that did it to my system. It was also more the lack of power in my system. I think my amp was running out of juice. I only have about 500 watts to share among 6 drivers. So they eat up the power as fast as the amp can provide it. Needless to say, I've been thinking about an amp purchase for the last few days ever since I watched that scene. Thanks again.
  9. Finally got around to buying and watching this. I'm always way slower than you guys. The bass in this really was low and fairly well done too. The opening scene with the bomb was quite amazing. Unfortunately my system couldn't reproduce it well. There's just so much low bass that it struggled. That's a good sign! (Any chance of a scenecap on that explosion? Would be nice to see what my system was struggling with) The bass fit really nicely into the rest of the movie as well. No stupidly bassy effects put there just to impress (causing just the opposite). Other than the opening scene, the bass was "just there" exactly how I like it. Natural. Punchy when it should be. Rumbly when it should be. And deeeeeeeep. The movie itself was only ok. Had some fun action. I think I'll enjoy it more a second time actually, but it had some storyline gimmicks and cheesy moments. Meh, what do I expect from a movie like this. I also wished it could have been more R rated. There were a few action scenes where I wanted to see Logan shred the bad guys into flesh ribbons. Instead, you just see the bad guy collapse into his claws just off screen with a dissapointing lack of blood.
  10. Ha, ya, I find myself totally skipping over reviewer's notes on audio. Who made those guys qualified, they're often totally off.
  11. Thanks again nube. I saw Elysium in the theatres. I'm not surprised the bass is so awesome. I could just tell the theater subs were cutting off the low stuff I don't think I'll buy it though. Already saw it, and it was only ok. If I hadn't seen it, I'd want to at least rent it. I don't buy many movies though.
  12. Thanks nube. I might buy wolverine based on this. Was on the fence, but it seems if you get a film without a filter its rare these days. It'll be a blind buy as I haven't seen it. But I've been a wolverine fan since I was a kid. And I've heard this one was quite good.
  13. 2 Guns = Booooo I want to watch that movie. Was hoping for decent bass. Not sure why the action flicks keep getting lousy sound tracks and pic quality. It's the sci-fi stuff that seems to get the good sound/picture.
  14. I finally got around to watching Star Trek into Darkness last night. Sounds like it measures. Really punchy but nothing deep. I got a slight back massage early in the movie, everything else was in the chest. I didn't notice the clipping to bad, which I usually find I'm sensitive to this. I think when explosions and FX clip, they're less noticeable than say someone yelling. I did hear some during warps, and some FX sounded harsh, but it was fairly subtle. All in all, it was fun, but could have been so much better. Sorry to bring up a couple month old release, just wanted to share my experience.
  15. I was just being cheeky. I wouldn't do that, but I feel a bad trend on it's way. STID really upset me. I'm not even a ST fan. But ST 1 was such a cool sound track, that I expected lots out of STID. Then to see how badly it was butchered, just makes me lose hope.
  16. Well, might as well shove a port in my subs and program my mini for a 19hz HPF now. Can't hear below 20hz anyways right. So why bother with ULF.
  17. So true. I can't believe the 5 star rating reviewers are dishing out for audio on this movie. But most reviewers I've investigated has expensive whimpy speakers. And usually one expensive sub. They're better setup to evaluate video than audio.
  18. Well considering I was going to buy STID, I now won't. Normally I buy movies based on the plot, etc. But this deserves to be dealt with by the almighty consumer's voice. Total BS.
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