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  1. Hmm, I watched it quite a while ago and memory is a little foggy. I voted 4 stars and buy. But I'm a fan. Thanks for measuring it. I'd like to watch it again soon.
  2. Thanks for doing skyfall. Saw it in theatres and the terrible sound ruined the movie for me. Really did. I bought it on release day anyways and haven't watched it yet. Hoping to soon and will then vote. Thanks again.
  3. Hey, glad to see you back. Nice upgrades, love the colored lighting Do you get a bad ceiling reflection suckout from your new center speaker locations?
  4. Just watched the TDKR on Saturday. I merely glanced at Bossos' shots before watching. I did think, that's odd that most of the stuff he grabbed was in the first 10minutes. Watched it and was like wow, fun opening scene (even though the LFE seemed almost more a part of the score than effects). But then the rest was really weak. Well, weak in the ULF. Lots of 30+. Lot of thumps and bumps, but nothing I could taste the air with. So I came on here to see WTF is going on and sure enough the thing is high passed for the majority of the film!! Just wanted to express my dissappointment as well (I'm late to the party) and also say thanks for the great data. Without it I would have been left wondering. Much appreciated.
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