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  1. Wow. Shoot. I'm really torn. I haven't bought it yet. It's a bond movie but but but,,, that's bad. Especially after Skyfall was pretty decent.
  2. Nice Scott. I haven't seen those photos before
  3. Now you'll be bass-less! Kind of ironic considering this website and all
  4. Whoa. I always felt you had a sub system that was beyond even the most crazy diy'er. I can only imagine you're taking a step back? Maybe horns or still going for sealed ULF?
  5. Saw Terminator tonight. I think this one has a lot of potential. Hopefully it doesn't come to us filtered or something. Bus scene has some sweeps for the sweep lovers, like the WWZ grenade kind of thing.
  6. I actually kinda think it would be rad to have a few of those, more for laughs than anything.
  7. Thanks for reminding me why I don't go. Last movie was Skyfall. Was a clipping distorted mess. Hated the movie cause of it. Convinced myself to try it again at home and what do us know, great movie. The studios need to smack the theaters into shape. They almost lost a Bly ray sale based purely on the shit performance of my local theatre.
  8. Pretty please? http://www.parts-express.com/titan-15-purple-glitter-cone-yellow-surround-woofer-4-ohm--299-1054
  9. Anyone watch American sniper? Is it a Lone Survivor type flick, or am I just relating the war/navy seal thing more than it actually is?
  10. That Exodus looks fantastic. Didn't have an interest in it, but might have to make an exception. When I see you guys get Level = 3 or 4 I'm not bothered at all. Just turn it up. When it's 5 I start to wonder if there will be clipping. So in a sense my perfect 5 score usually is a 4, 5, 5.
  11. Yay, new graphs Thanks for doing whiplash. I keep wanting to watch this but haven't had the chance. I'm really looking forward to it though, bass or no bass.
  12. Thanks so much max. I actually haven't purchased this yet. I was waiting on the number. Yep, I'm basically not going to buy a blu ray until it's been validated here, if its a movie meant to have bass. But the other part of my buying habits is the rental thing. This is very frustrating. It makes me want to not buy this movie and rent it instead. But this is a movie I will let that slide on. I hope the studios realize that when they rip off the rental track, it has literal zero motivation for me purchasing the movie. It actually discourages purchased. Thanks for the thumbs up, I'll go buy it now. First I'll run it by the wife to make sure it isn't already in my stocking. That what happened with edge of tomorrow BTW, I think the studios should throw some free discs your way for review pre-release date. Then maybe from there they could start paying you as I really believe you guys help people make purchasing decisions.
  13. Some very juicy stuff there Ricci. I'm sure it'll move fast.
  14. No problem. I'd rather you have a life than give me free information. Look forward to it as I'll be buying it provided it's free of stupid bass filters.
  15. Hey nube and max. Any chance we'll see Expendables 3 measured? Everything points to a buy on this one, but if there's any high passing I will have to say no, despite my love for this series. I really want this one, but my moral code won't let me waste money on anymore crap from the studios. You know how it is
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