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    It's hard to advise what is correct without more details. Measurements of the responses at the listening positions would help. The 21's appear to be vented or possibly a TL variant? Do you know what the tuning is on these?
  2. Looks like the conditions for those measurements are completely different. The response will be dominated by the enclosure alignment anyway. I would ignore these. Either driver should work well in the Skram. I would suggest the 551 due to a little bit of extra power handling and functional xmax. Nice build!
  3. Ok. I had a look in HR. It had been awhile. I'd recommend a 3rd order BW at 24Hz or a 4th order LR HPF at 21Hz. This is for operation with all vents open. 4th order LPF adjusted to taste for blending with the mains. Somewhere between 50-120Hz. 70-100Hz is probably what would work for most. The response looks quite good with just the high and low pass added. This is the response with the 21SW152-4. Most of the other recommended drivers are going to be close to this as well. If you want to take it a bit further You can add a single band of PEQ at about
  4. Lots of good information on the behavior of some of the Hypex models. Thanks guys.
  5. Sounds like a good plan to me. I know this stuff isn't quick or easy so whatever makes sense to you... Thanks for putting in the effort and sharing the results.
  6. Oh look an update! Looking great man. Have you been listening to the first one all this time? Thoughts?
  7. I'm pretty sure I posted some rough starting filters somewhere in this thread. I'll have to try and find them.
  8. Great pic of the sunset. Looks like a good time!
  9. Whatever works...LOL! No judgment here.
  10. No offense to RF as they do have some sharp guys but the whole, driver optimized for sealed / vented / BP and don't use it in another alignment, is for the most part antiquated thinking from back before modern signal processing. There are drivers that are better suited to some jobs than others make no mistake, but this is not one of those. Usually the reason you will hear that drivers are not suited for sealed is the qts is too low (IOW too efficient) and without EQ it will be bass shy because the top end gains sensitivity quickly and overpowers the low end without EQ. In this case RF is assum
  11. As far as testing goes. There is nothing happening right now and for the immediate future. I've had to turn away a bunch of companies and projects since this time last year and I'm still sitting on a whole summers worth of testing from well previous to that. I'm not planning to be done completely, but after 10 years my priorities and other life goals have shifted and I can't find the hundreds of hours to put into testing, and publishing every year, like I once did.
  12. T-nuts are the devil...Avoid! Looks good Peniku8
  13. It is complicated. The key word here is subjective. IMHO there really isn't a wrong way. All that matters is if you like the way it sounds. I'm not necessarily talking about just bass balance or response shape with these comments BTW. We've all heard people wax poetic about the goal being to be transported to the live performance. This is an impossible fools errand IMO. The live performance from who's perspective? Front row, stage left, right, dead center? Most recordings these days are created with a totally fabricated sense of space and "venue" by the recording engineer anyway. A
  14. Yep. It's a ripole. There's some good information on them at DIYAudio forum.
  15. Crispy coils are what's for dinner! Sorry to hear about that Tahoe. PL380 is a serious amp. How many Skrams do you have? All 21SW152 loaded?
  16. Careful using slow sine waves for this type of testing. It's a good way to cook a voice coil.
  17. I've been busy with other things and haven't done much related to bass or subs in a long time. I still have the 2269H and some other drivers that I need to GP test in the sealed cabs at some point. I may get back to it next spring. Maybe not.
  18. I don't use a HPF with sealed subs either in testing or my systems. I'm careful during testing to not push the level too high and in my systems I try not to have enough amp on tap to bottom the drivers with the box size used.
  19. I'd echo SME here. The Othorn is still a very good sounding design but I'd consider the Skram instead. It's smaller, lighter, has flexible tuning options and is simpler to build. Output and SQ should be the same if not a bit better due to the more extended top end. Issues don't start till higher in frequency that the Othorn.
  20. You could do something similar and shrink the cabinet and slot volume somewhat to better fit the 18". The 18 doesn't need as much airspace to work in.
  21. I'm not entirely sure what it would be for the SI 24's. The cone holds a lot of volume but the surround is huge and protrudes a lot unlike the pro drivers. Also the frame is really thick on these and it'll be front mounted which moves the whole assembly forward quite a bit. It may actually be less than a back mounted 21" pro. This is probably a good generic guess. AVH...300-350cm2 for each driver should be added to S2. This is used rather than Atc/Vtc. It has a better track record, in my offset designs at least. Also the AE drivers have extremely low inductance. I doubt the complex
  22. Are your FR measurements above after EQ? If so do you have any from before EQ? The waterfall indicates the decay rate of the sub in your room. It looks like you have a bit of a resonance at 27Hz, 42Hz. Not bad though most rooms do. Seems like you might have a bit of ground hum at 60Hz...
  23. Hello Enrique... What is your budget for the subwoofer? What would be a maximum size you would like for the sub? LxWxH?
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