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  1. That sounds like a crap cinema experience! Hope they sort it out but I wouldn't hold your breath. I don't understand how hard it can be to get it right - surely, with everything being digital now, they can just press play mid-way through an action scene, go and sit in the seating with a SPL Meter, get some readings to make sure it's not deafening, then fast forward to a quiet scene to make sure it's loud enough in those parts? Hopefully the home viewing will be a pleasant surprise!
  2. I am jealous of your tools and woodwork skills!
  3. Oh, I was going to say - I watched Star Wars: Rogue One at a new cinema at the weekend Presentation was very good, not cranked up too loud but with strong yet balanced bass throughout - I'm hopeful that this will measure the same as The Force Awakens, with the usual 30Hz hump but decent amounts of content below it. If it does, certain scenes have the potential for much epicness
  4. Missus bought this for me for Xmas - looking forward to watching it
  5. Hope you feel better now, thanks for your tidying!
  6. Dumb question... but what are these from? I just Amazon searched for the first one, thinking it was a film title I hadn't heard of, only to get zero products come back. (And now I'm probably on a list of people to be concerned about... )
  7. Just one of the joys of being human - the constant quest for new and exciting things that teach us and stretch our brains (Well, most of us - there are a depressing number of morons out there with no desire but to do as little as possible with their life...)
  8. Cool, will keep my eye out for an Amazon bargain
  9. Awesome, cheers for the confirmation From what you're are saying, it sounds like that other film with lots of waves - the Asian one with lots of warships?? (Can't remember the name now...)
  10. That reminds me - I really must try to get round to installing and setting up the MiniDSP that's been sitting in the box for 18 months... lol
  11. This one? https://www.amazon.com/Finest-Hours-Blu-ray-Chris-Pine/dp/B019PQ0NZG/ Too new (expensive) for me, will wait a few months for it to come down in price!
  12. Weird - looks filtered but with a couple of blips that snuck through! Must be about that time of year to watch it again The creepy guy on the top of train seems somewhat unsettling for small children, surely?!
  13. MemX

    HST18 / HS24

    Sooooo... it's been 6 weeks... have the cops been called yet?
  14. Well, that's one film I'm not likely to buy until it's in the bargain bin... I'm sure it sounds just great on those soundbars... I'm not sure why they bother with mixing studios sometimes, all they appear to need is a soundbar and a 42" LED TV if that's all they are mixing for.
  15. I think what you're basically trying to say is that the great unwashed are uninformed and uninterested lol, but sadly the latter means the former will likely never change because people are too busy staring at their ****ing smartphones to see what pointless crap their 1000+ 'friends' have posted online in the three minutes since they last checked their phone... I don't even look forward to going to the cinema now, I rarely come out thinking 'I really enjoyed that' because the sound is usually so gratingly goddam awful, sigh. I am hopeful that a 'boutique' cinema I've found might be better, but I have a feeling it will just have sofas with no back support, scatter cushions, an 'artsy' interior and just the same crap quality sound, despite probably being double the price of an already expensive standard ticket at Cineworld or Odeon... Man, I'm feeling positive today lol
  16. But does it?? Assuming I'm not going insane and mis-remembering, the graphs for the failure that was The Hobbit vs The Hobbit Extended Edition were interesting - IIRC they just added new scenes with new (30Hz filtered) audio and didn't touch the existing (40Hz filtered?) audio, so the bass (if you can call it that) came in with the new material and disappeared again when it finished. When the original and extended versions were graphed onto the same graph, the additional extension was obvious but the upper end was literally virtually identical, even taking into account whole new scenes that would have changed the graphs somewhat. I'm just not convinced it is a valid justification from the mixing people! unless, of course, they are dealing with Nolan and any other similar directors who personally crank everything up to 11 and are touching/flat-topping to 0dB on the levels on the disc.
  17. Am I correct in thinking that the strong (and flat) BL curve of the LMS Ultra (I think that's the name? The discontinued expensive ones!) is therefore the reason why it is lauded as being a very 'clean' driver?
  18. What someone needs to do is arrange a visit to any one of the ultra-low-end-monster systems on here for some industry bods in high places, the ones who spec the rooms and mix the mixes and sign off the audio - I can't believe anyone with a brain and a sense of wanting to get the best from their work would walk away from a Bosso system or our friend with eight HS24s and unhappy neighbours saying "nope, I felt no difference, there's no point". How much does it cost to spec a mixing room these days? And how much would the monster 8x24 system cost to recreate? Say $8k - $12k for drivers, and how much would amps and enclosures and cabling be? Given the likely price of the 'pro' stuff being used, one does wonder if a drag-and-drop, plug'n'play Ricci-special quad-19 setup could be offered up for trial. Just imagine - how awesome would that be if Ricci and DB forum single-handedly changed the mixing rooms for the better
  19. MemX

    HST18 / HS24

    +1 We need graphs, man! I would love to experience this, feeling completely dominated by a sound system is awesome The most I've experienced is eight sealed SI HT18s in a room about 20'x14' (not my place, sadly!) and they were capable of moving the projector off its mounting - so eight 24s must be literally tearing the place apart I would ask for some videos of the outside when it's turned up, but I don't want to compromise security or increase risk of another theft! You will need to invite the neighbours for some movie nights so they can enjoy it and not just moan at you Or maybe ask them to agree a time when you can turn it up - perhaps 2.5 hours a week, 1930-2200 on a Saturday night - so you can enjoy your bass without annoying them!
  20. Discreet! I bet your wife never even noticed you'd put them in place lol
  21. Given how badly recent stuff (including Batman) has been slated for poor / non-existent / inconsistent bass and/or clipping, I would like to think our despair is reaching those making decisions - and perhaps the reason why we then get unexpected surprises like this one!
  22. Am I right in thinking this assymmetricity (is that a word? EDIT: Wait, I think it's assymmetry!) can be fixed or at least partly overcome by the use of a setup similar to Bosso's, with the plates opposite the face of the drivers to create an increased pressure against the outward stroke?
  23. Awesome, cheers! I'm liking them specs noise-wise: http://noctua.at/en/products/fan http://noctua.at/en/nf-s12a-flx <20dB is QUIET - my background noise level is something like 30dB in my place, IIRC. I can't remember what the flow rate is on the standard fans, I found them somewhere previously but it was amost a googlewhack I think they're something like 100cfm?? Which is a LOT but I guess fair enough for an amp that is designed to be backstage at a gig, running 5kw of bass through it for 3 hours solid. EDIT: Yep, found the specs - https://www.avforums.com/threads/fan-replacement-thread.1799166/#post-19561094 Jamicon JF1225B2UR-R 100.5CFM / 170 cubic metres per hour 45.7dB(A) (!!) Given how underworked these amps usually are day-to-day when just at 'normal' volumes on music and TV, I think a change would be good... lol
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