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  1. No way. My house would explode. Lol, not really but...
  2. Hey... I could be wrong. Thought it was awesome, on all levels. Can't wait to get my hands on the UHD. Counting the days already...
  3. Ya'll crazy. This was wonderful A/V all around (saw in Dolby Cinema) and I can not wait to get it on UHD/BD to watch at home. This will probably rate well in bass too. It's time will come.
  4. I got mine for much less than that. I think you live outside the US, right? If you do live in the US, send me a PM. I might be able to help on the MSRP part. I forgot the exact voltage but it's rated pretty high compared to some brands. Desertdome did a test of the sub out on them and posted about it on AVS but I can't for the life of me remember where he posted that. Might be worth looking in the main 5100 owners thread at AVS. Or PM him directly. It was pretty high on the MV with the sub gain at 0 before clipping set in, IIRC. I keep mine well below -5 but only because I have to with all this woofage.
  5. I use the Yamaha 5100 pre/pro. Has XLR jacks for all outputs (including overhead speakers and dual subs). It's great and not too expensive. Never have issues with it, HDMI handshake or audio-related. Ever. Yes, it has Atmos/DTS:X but you don't have to use it.
  6. That could work. I'd try 4-6cuft per driver tuned to 32-35hz. The larger and lower tuned for more extension.
  7. The JBL 2226 driver is not well suited to be used as a 'subwoofer'. It is more of a midbass driver. But if extension down to 30-40hz works enough as a subwoofer then okay. How low in frequency do you want this system to extend to?
  8. Infrasonic

    v2 update

    You guys ever catch a Ricci system pic in the wild?
  9. Infrasonic

    v2 update

    No problem! You're fixing this place up real good!
  10. Infrasonic

    v2 update

    Play ARMA3, Kyle. But ... umm... yeah. New updates. Yay!!! Compare up to 4 systems at a time!
  11. I'd wonder how clipped the Shuttle Launch sfx track on the two Telarc music cd's I have. One in DTS 5.1, the other in DSD 5.1 audio. I bet it's all clipped. Isn't the Danley fireworks clipped even?
  12. I had to turn down my subriser for Skull Island. May need to revisit it. I think I watched it too loud or something. My sub system went bonkers when the two soldiers are on the hillside and Kong shows up for the very first time. Was scrambling for the volume it seemed like some of the heaviest bass hits were clipped or distorted or something. Something was off. Usually movies like this sound epic. Alien:Covenent on the other had was epic and reference quality all the way.
  13. Heheh. Yeah, I know what you mean. I believe you when you say it is better. Just poking fun a lil at your post. You're a very smart guy and knowledgeable but it almost seemed like nothing short of perfection wasn't good enough. Do don't that to yourself. You'll never be happy.... but, it sounds like you are so ignore me. Sometimes the constant "improving" can have a detrimental effect on the enjoyment of the HT room. I had to learn to love it even with the warts and all!
  14. This is the part of all of this that drives me up the wall... Simple. There is a button on a consumer device that will electronically deal with "blow yer head off" mixes. It's really not that unreasonable task to put on the consumer. While we can be dumb, we are also a lot more in tune with advanced electronics and user interfaces as we deal with them all our life. When someone purchases a new audio device there is bound to be some set up of sorts. Hell, to be even more real about it, these days almost everything has a sign-in and is part of some eco-system. So it's not unreasonable to ask once while putting together some new device you want to use if you want dynamic range compression. Very simple thing that could possible end this crap. Nope. They gotta do if for you. Keep the original on disc... and then let us choose to squash it.
  15. I've seen every Nolan movie in IMAX since The Dark Knight. Every movie has sounded like this. So I expected this kind of sound. People go in to a Nolan movie expecting something else. I don't feel sorry for these people. The guy is pretty consistent. Fool me once...fool me twice... It is loud and I liked it loud.
  16. To be fair, the sound is pretty "incredible". It's just a description that can be taken many a-ways... Nolan likes a big 'wall-of-sound' coming at you. That's his style. Not much surround use. Lots of bass. Powerful bass. The best bass? No. Powerful? Uh, yeah. Sure we can nitpick it and say it sounds, "flat, bloated, compressed, ..." whatever. That stuff is all true but it doesn't stop it from being true that it is also.... "incredible". That's just one man's words for it. Doesn't have to be yours too. I saw Dunkirk and it was a fantastic film. The mix, ehh... it was what it was. LOUD! I can complain or enjoy the ride. I'm going to enjoy the ride.
  17. Nice! Ooo! What amp changes are you thinking of doing?
  18. For me, they don't show up at all. At least with PB they show a placeholder saying how shitty they are. Think the links got FUBAR'd.
  19. There is one little thing that is gone that I could see fixin'... I used to be able to click on the top banner and be sent to the main Data Bass site for tests. Clicking the banner now sends one back to the main forum page. Now there is no button anywhere on the forum (that I noticed) that allows access back to the main site. Would be cool if something was done to fix that. Thanks!
  20. There is no "lesson to learn" for Nolan. The sound is exactly how he wants it, unfortunately. Still.... looking forward to it. I can handle some good ol' fashioned "loud and deafening" IMAX sound.
  21. Are you happy with the output? Four EBS 21's should bring some damn decent bass in a room like yours, Luke. Hell... ANY room. You won't lose your man card being happy with this system as-is.
  22. Since you want to listen a lil louder, SME... just lower the boost by the number of dB you want. Really doesn't matter since you say you couldn't appreciate the single digits as much as you hoped you would. Open up more headroom where you want it!
  23. Pretty much with you SME on some of that but Ricci has worded it the way I would.... Thanks. Ahh... thanks. I wanted to say that I find this tactile data useful but I'm not like... "chasing vibrations". SME, you mention tactile sensation as if it were mutually exclusive to a hi fidelity experience. It's not. I find that it to be an integral part of a bass experience. Every awesome bass I've heard in my life was also felt. Compromises are always made in any system. And every one has their preferences. Anyway... not raggin' on ya. I'm sad to see you run into what many of us recently are discovering. That sub 10hz bass is kinda .... often it can be a non-event. Tactile response is CRITICAL below 15hz. I like sealed and I'd like to try again and do it a bit better but there are days when I wish I had LLT's again. *sniff*
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