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  1. Ahh. I see that is already taken care of now...
  2. That's why I'm suggesting Vibsensor. It might look awful in the frequency domain but at the seat you wouldn't know it. D'youknowwhatImean? [/Jason Statham voice]
  3. "Not yet. And I kind of doubt that measuring the couch tells us what we want to know. In fact, I think my couch shakes and vibrates quite a bit less than it did with the old subs, and that's a good thing. Now I feel much more tactile sensation from the sound itself. It feels cleaner, faster, more precise, and more powerful. Couch shaking seems kind of gimmicky by comparison." More "couch shaking" isn't the point of suggesting the App to you, it was to see the shape of the tactile sensation. You say it feels "cleaner, faster, more precise and more powerful". Okay. That will show up on
  4. Have you tried out Vibsensor app yet, SME? Tactile response is a thing now.
  5. Above 60hz or so you're seeing the effects of the position of the speakers/subs and the MLP. You can try moving your speakers out into the room and see the effects. Or try putting one of these subs behind you and time aligning them. Worked for me.
  6. Yeah.... freaked out real good when I read that shit this morning. I went and checked my major threads with pics and all seem to be working still. Idk if it's because I'm a long time member and I have either been grandfathered in or they haven't got to me yet. Will definitely have to do some heavy uploading and linking of old photos to old threads. Argh! Damn you photobucket!
  7. Expensive for the sake of being expensive. Meh.
  8. Don't we all wish we had a field like that? Damn. Outdoor theater! Oh man. My OCD will have a field day filling all the "empty spaces" with subwoofers.
  9. Infrasonic

    B&C 21DS115

    The JBL-based mains I believe have never flinched once at anything. Bad sounding recording have come in and gone out equally bad sounding but... that's not the same thing. Yeah... I barely tickle those things. The sub system is a bit different. I do a moderate amount of signal shaping and I like spirited levels, when I can. Uhh...honestly, I still can't tell if it's just my house making awful noises or the sub system. Occasionally I'll hear a bad sound like suspension bottoming or something. I am WAY underpowered actually so I sort of doubt it. I think it's the house. Or maybe amp
  10. How well they extend below 5hz has more to do with your signal chain (and it's all-inclusive rolloff) than how old your version of Crowson is.
  11. Infrasonic

    B&C 21DS115

    Nice list and I tend to agree with you on this one! But... there has got to be more to it than these numbers. "Quality" is not just a fixed number of electro-mechanical properties. Simple build quality and performance of moving parts has an effect on SQ, wouldn't we agree? A TD18h+ sound great on paper but what if it had a loud suspension and made tons of vent noise (doesn't have a pole vent but...anyway)? So... I agree but you know what I mean too. There has got to be more to it than that list alone.
  12. Infrasonic

    B&C 21DS115

    Bolded = that is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to talk about here. But, yes, on the 2nd part. Was wondering if you feel there is a notable SQ difference from all these top-tier bass drivers. It's something worth noting.
  13. Infrasonic

    B&C 21DS115

    Don't you like to touch... subjects? Sound quality = subjective and that is frowned upon by some.
  14. Infrasonic

    B&C 21DS115

    I know it's a touchy subject here but.... Sound quality?
  15. I have zero issues with you having an issue with me. Haha! Yeah! Even I'd say that's just a set of speakers and not a soundbar.
  16. Yup. They exist because tv's can't fit decent enough speakers in them. I have zero issues with soundbars. They have their place.
  17. In room treatments are optimal for "fixing" issues from 50-200hz in most rooms. SBIR is usually the reason that region is "messy" in a lot of rooms. Imho, nearfield MBM's are not a "fix". Wow. I used a lot of quotes.
  18. Single driver version? Have you looked into the Othorn design?
  19. Transparent. Heh. How ironic that a company that touts itself as "transparent", to the point where that is their fucking name, can make a product that is LESS transparent by adding components into the actual signal physically. Bravo. This is high end Hi-Fi, fellas.
  20. I still, reluctantly, use Photobucket. It has a very annoying interface full of countless features bullshit but.... I'll tell ya, everything still works. Even all my old MySpace memes from 10yrs ago. And it's free.
  21. It was more of a general statement of circumstance. Of course, like you, I mostly get room noises when I push it hard.
  22. Bolded part: for real! Just when the getting gets good, they start making funny noises. Time to double or quadruple up on subs again. D'oh! or M.A.U.L dat shit Heheh... nice post, Josh. Always good stuff, my man.
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