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  1. Sure. I mean, it's mostly a ~30hz extended movie with 1.5secs of massive ULF. But yeah, I guess it is unfiltered.
  2. Lookin' good! Nice response too. That would even be a nice response post EQ.
  3. Yay! Oh, I love seeing these EBS/LLT style subwoofers hitting the market. Way to go, Jeff P!
  4. Option #3: Use active crossover to mate each Cat to a pair of Othorn's as bass cabs. Set fullrange bass management in AVR. Highpass Othorn's if need be. ULF content in mains be damned. Use all Terraforms purely for LFE channel. Haha, these hypotheticals are fun! But seriously so much damage can be had with this system. I love it.
  5. Lol... guess there aren't enough Top Gear fans reading. ? Yeah, Oblivion has got a nice amount of sub-20hz bass good for a Bass-EQ for sure. The Jurassic Park movies, not so much real deep stuff. Not sure which JP movie you were watching. I think JP3 has the most powerful deep bass of all of them.
  6. Mmmm... A gear list like that makes me get a fizzy sensation somewhere behind my penis but not in my prostate. Does anyone else get a fizzy sensation behind their penis or is it just me? ?
  7. Ah yes. It can be difficult to move these large subwoofers around. Especially by oneself... Do you have a dolly or handtruck handy? Though tedious, removing the driver from the cabinet would lighten them up real good. ? Did you purchase pre-made speakon cables or make them yourself? All my subs and LCR's are hooked up with Speakon but I made the cables. (just bulk cable that I terminated each end with a purchased set of speakon plugs. nothing special.) That's okay if you can't do it right now. Do the best you can with what you have available. Though in the grand scheme of th
  8. Trying for yourself any physical location that seems practical enough for you. You don't need any one on the internet to help you out with this part. Setting up two subs at the same time can be quite involving. I'd suggest measuring/testing one at a time (took make things easier). You will find an ideal location easier for one. For simplicity sake, you can even stack the 2nd sub on top of the first. Eventually you will find that a spot works rather well, then you can try and integrate the 2nd sub. Doing it this way will probably take more time but you will make less mistakes.
  9. Sounds interesting! Not sure if that's a link or what you put there but it's not working at the office. Will check again at home.
  10. Dude. Shrink that dB range. It's a whopping 20dB per division!!! You need to set it to about 5dB per division. It will, of course, make your response look .... much worse. But it's for a good cause! Trust me. Smoothing? It's up to you. Don't go any more coarse than 1/6 which is a good way presenting an entire frequency response to a discussion but not very useful for doing the nitty-gritty, which you're deep into now. I usually go fully unsmoothed (or barely smoothed like 1/24) until I've knocked out the bad stuff. Then I usually go with 1/6-1/12 just cuz it makes it easier to read
  11. These are sealed subs so you don't need to worry about setting any highpass filter or anything. At least not yet. Also "EQ'ing" below 20hz isn't really all that necessary. However, boosting the lowend with a shelving filter would be useful and the corner frequency for that does not require to be under 20hz and likely somewhere in the 20-35hz area. So that's that. You will have to measure your response and go from there. Setting up a new system will require some trial and error. Placement also depends on the geometry of the room and where you will have the MLP. Measure any location(s)
  12. Damn. That is refreshing to hear...read. Keep it up! I agree btw.
  13. Haha. My bad. I think it should have said, "spectrum of movie titles". If all you do is watch rom-com's from the 90's, you're not going to find a lot of ULF. I'm slowly losing my mind.... it's okay. I won't say there are "many more" unfiltered movies than umm...filtered movies because I'm starting to wonder if your idea of "unfiltered" means a flat PvA curve... Everything we hear in movies is 100% studio creation so they are under no obligation to be flat-to-DC type extension in their audio mix in every single release. Is it really a surprise that the overall curve of mos
  14. Enjoy! Not much. There will be some, sure but not a note-worthy amount. The point of those demos is to demo Atmos. Hogwash. It only seems like a "trend" because audio enthusiasts started graphing bass when things started to get interesting and the industry has reeled back, for the most part, since. Look at it another way and bass content in film <25hz is the exception rather than the rule. For every "filtered" new movie there is one or more that isn't. Also depends on what bandwidth of movie titles you consume. Fortunately, the trend with newer movies is better sur
  15. Agreed with @maxmercy list there. Both Dunkirk and Jedi will not be great titles to test <20hz content, imo. They will both have powerful bass but >20hz (which isn't a bad thing). I can think of a handful of "scenes" to test out for true ULF. Entering the Grid - Tron Legacy Elysium - laser templates being cycled through before cutting into Bugattipod Captain America: Winter Solider - vending machine Hurt Locker - M2 .50cal scene Lone Survivor - the whole Chinook sequence Edge of Tomorrow - opening title ULF Dredd - interro
  16. All these great posts are giving me a bass boner.
  17. Why can't these sales exist when I actually have money? lol
  18. Agreed. While I technically have a Twitter, I haven't touched it in years. Probably being run by bots by now. Lol.
  19. But seriously. Either one sounds like quite a feat to tackle well. As for #1: what kind of "blueprints" are we talking about? Josh Ricci builds (Gjallerhorn, Othorn, Skhorn, etc...) or some other DB-vetted designs? User submitted designs? As for #2: what would be really good for this site is some form of GOOD photo uploading or linking capability. Not sure what it would cost if DB were to HOST the files or if a 3rd party would be better. I use Imgur now and it seems to do the job but not everyone wants to bother with having a photo uploading account. And after the Photobucket thing..
  20. Hey. This is a neat build. Looks so old school, I love it! You'd never know there is some serious bass gonna come out of it.
  21. I don't know what any of that means but..... thank you SME for the help.
  22. Man.... Sorry to hear that. At least it went out in a blaze of glory. Are you going to replace with another one or use something different?
  23. Both Ragnarok and Justice had mediocre surround/bass mixes theatrically and that is translated perfectly to the home versions. They make Nolan mixes seem pretty damn good in comparison.
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