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Amplifier advice 21sw152 plus Danley synergy

jay michael

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Hey guys.  I’m needing to power 4 skram subs with 21sw152-4 drivers plus a pair of Danley sh46.  The danleys list 1400 continuous and 5600 peak handling.  On hand I have a pair of crest pro lite 7.5’s which I was using to drive a pair of 21sw152 in othorns.  Our events are electronic music, indoor 200-250 max  people as well as our festival with dance floors around 300 max.  Danley used at one point the prolite 7.5 for their speakers so they have recommended settings to use the prolites with the sh46’s.  I’m thinking of moving a prolite on the 46’s, keep the other as a back up and find something new for the subs.  I’m also using a dbx venu360 as dsp and would prefer to keep it that way as I don’t really want to give up the convenience of controlling everything off my iPhone or iPad with the wireless system it uses.

I am looking at used options likely, would like to spend about 2-2.5k.  I found a guy on prosoundweb with powersoft k-10’s in that price Range.  Do you think that would be a good fit? The specs seem to say on 2 ohm loads I could deliver 3k per driver running 2 drivers off each channel.  Our studio has been upgraded to proper 20amp  outlets, but sometimes venues used only have 15’s... our festival site has proper 220 on site.  Hoping my amp choice can work with all the above situations.

We are probably more conservative on volume that most, max volume has never really been our thing but I’d like enough power to drive things in a way that max sound quality is achieved. 

Ive asked this question on the Danley site and they are suggesting using their dna20k amps but that’s out of my budget considerations, maybe down the road.

if the powersoft k10 is not a great choice, could anyone recommend a different plan?


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A K10 is able to deliver everything a pair of 21SW152 per channel can take and them some more. It will burst more than 8.5 Kw at 2 ohms , it will sustain 1600 w for longer than the driver's can take it. So for sub duty, K10 and K20 are the best you can find anywhere on the market. Take care with the DBX limiters , they work a bit different than people are used to and the drivers could suffer paired up with a K10.

Moving the prolites on the tops will be a good choice. Take good care with limiters, the peak power Danley is suggesting for those enclosures is a total calculated sum with pink noise.

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Sweet thanks for the confirmation guys.  I’ve got a k10 on the way :) 

Also found recommended dsp settings for the prolites right from Danley for use with the 46’s.

Paul, could you elaborate on the dbx limiter issue? I’ve read quite a bit about them and it seems the lower models limiters were known for some issues like you mentioned but the venu360 limiters have many more options from what I can tell 

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