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MTX 9515-44 2019 version discussion (Return of the old 15" MTX)


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Apparently I never started a discussion thread for the old driver test. Anyway this is a brand new 2018 built driver that will be tested in a larger sealed cab than last time. Street price on these is about $380 now. Really well controlled inductance. Tons of clearance for big excursion, legit 25mm xmax and the motor force is not nearly as low as the spec sheet suggests. The bad news is it has literally the tightest suspension I've encountered yet. Fs is up above 50Hz. It should be down near 25-30Hz on a driver like this. 

I have to wonder if the reason this driver came back after being discontinued is if a large OEM order came in. These used to be available in single 4 ohm or dual 4 but now only dual 4 is available. Perhaps this OEM might've asked for a slight tweak to the suspension components? Perhaps a much stiffer spider pack that would make the driver match their design using it a little bit better? One OEM that I know used these in a cab that might improve a bit with a stiffer suspension and a little more motor force to offset. Maybe MTX gets a price break on a certain quantity that is beyond what the OEM wanted so the excess driver have ended up on the market? 

I know none of this for sure. I'm speculating wildly here, but it sure is a fun conspiracy theory. 



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