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Horn subwoofer with a sensitivity of 120dB (1W/1m)!


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I would take system sensitivity with a grain of salt. Its really misleading especially for horn loaded systems where manufactures usually only report the maximum sensitivity across the frequency range.


Take the dts-10 for example (since we have real numbers on it). Danley claims 100dB @ 1 watt while at 31.5Hz its pulls off a maximum of 116dB SPL. While that is a very respectable figure, it can’t possibly have 100dB sensitivity there because it required many thousands of watts to reach that level. If it really was 100dB SPLsens at 31Hz then it would only take ~50watts to hit 116dB... clearly not reality. The DTS-10 does have 100dB sensitivity, but only up around 100Hz or so.

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