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  1. Looks like it uses a single motor structure with different size voice coils for each driver. Also utilizes a servo-like distortion reducing mechanism and killer industrial design. The output will likely be low due to laws of physics, but the driver design is clearly innovative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foXAG1xKz_Q
  2. I think the window's dimensions are too small for it to act like an entire wall in a SBA. My guess is that the mineral wool in the window slows down the speed of the sound and decreases the "port tune" a bit.
  3. We recently moved to a new house. I setup the subs (three 12" dual opposed cabs) in one of the two rooms in the basement (22'x12.5'x7.5'), and took some measurements, but something wasn't right: I had flat response down to 6hz! The subs start to roll off at around 40hz. I know it's not unusual to get flat response down to 12hz or so in a room like this with the help of some room gain, but getting another octave below that, now that's very unusual. Then it hit me -- we had quite a large internal window between the rooms in the basement for some reason, and I had filled it up with low density mineral wool to minimize sound leakage between the rooms. The window measures roughly 45"x32"x9", and it appears to work like a port tuned to 7hz or so if I'm correct. So, the question is why build large ported subs when you can use compact sealed subs and simply add a window to one of the walls instead?
  4. Just watched Slumdog Millionaire. Didn't expect much in the bass department, but pleasantly surprised: loud, powerful midbass with some ULF thrown in. No wonder it got an Oscar for sound mixing. Would love to see it measured.
  5. Thanks for the offer. I'm not sure how good the audio is in the YouTube clips as their bitrate is quite low.
  6. I have just watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), and there were a number of scenes with impressive bass. It would be great if it gets measured.
  7. May I suggest Fight Club? There appears to be some high volume deep bass in the 20-30 hz region according to https://www.flickr.com/photos/kenwulandlord/sets/72157627252051467/
  8. May I also suggest Megamind and The Incredibles? Not only are these two very enjoyable animated movies, but they feature some serious bass. My favorite scenes are the final battle in Megamind (starting at around 1:14) and the Missile Lock scene in The Incredibles (at around 1:00). My DIY sealed JL Audio 13W7 is moving over 2" peak to peak during these scenes when I play them at near reference, and the impact is incredible.
  9. Surprised to see that Baraka (1992) hasn't been measured yet. This one has just become my demo disc. Contains jaw-dropping visuals originally shot on 70mm film accompanied with intense deep bass of often real-life origin. Made me jump on my seat a few times in the first 30 minutes. Then came the scene where they were cutting down a huge tree. This time I had enough time to prepare myself for the sound of the tree falling down, but the resulting shockwave still managed to surprise me, and this was only at -7db reference! The soundtrack is recorded so hot, anything over -5db is too intense for me. There is some clipping at high frequencies (namely the pan flute heard in the beginning). I don't know if LFE is clipped too, but I'm positive that there is no filtering (my system is flat down to 10hz).
  10. Although I don't have the capability to hear the filtered out ULF content in Battleship (my subs go down to 25 hz only), I can confirm that the Turkish Dolby Digital track has solid LFE content, but the original DTS HD Master audio track is clearly anemic to my ears. The former track can easily rattle things (-10db), but nothing happens when I play the latter at the same volume (no low-end to speak of).
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