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Oppenheimer Execution  

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  • 2 months later...

I voted 3 stars. This was primarily a slow burning dialog driven movie as expected. I wanted LFE effects to end all LFE effects when the bomb was finally detonated. It didn't quite deliver that to say the least. Good movie though. 

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I watched the movie two days ago and was very confused and disappointed about the bass I was getting, even tho it seemed to go deep by the graphs and didn't even need BEQ. Turns out MadVR doesn't downmix the LFE channel into stereo! I'll have to see how I can fix this, since my mains go to like 16Hz. (this was the first movie I watched on the stereo setup)

Edit: I solved this problem with the LAV Audio Decoder. It baffles me that the default MPC-BE option (ffmpeg?) only downmixes center+surrounds into stereo and leaves out the LFE. There is no slider for LFE mix, which you luckily get with LAV. But in LAV, the mix sliders don't give you values in dB, but in numbers and the default is 0.707. What the hell!

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