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Eminence NSW6021-6 Question


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Hi, I came here because I can't find answers I am looking for in other forums. I am designing a sealed subwoofer using the above driver. Technically I am trying to replicate a similar response to one that Ricci tested here in 2019. The cabinet size and input power are the same; 20K Watts FP20000Q Amp, 6.12 ft3. However, modelling this on WinISD shows that excursion gets past max at 25Hz. I have set the distance at 2 meters and input power is 2500 Watts. I can't get the model to behave and stay within excursion limits. I am aiming for single digits in-room, that is why I am replicating Ricci's model.

Can anyone, please, share how I can tune this to get the around similar measurements Ricci got within Xmax? FYI, I am a newbie, looking to learn from experts. Also, if possible, someone please share the details on how to use Linkwitz Transform to predict in-room. Thanks in advance.

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Winisd isn't very accurate. It doesn't include inductance effects for subwoofers. It also doesn't include baffle and directivity effects. 

Sealed cabs are very easy. There really is no tuning. Put it in a 23x23x23 cube and power with a big amp. It is very hard to damage this driver. Look at the testing done here on the systems page. Note the voltage used for the maximum level output sweep. Pick an amp that can provide this voltage or under. Done. 

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