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  1. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    HOT DAMN.... GOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    This is me jealous of your access to a CNC router to build stuff..... . Looking good, looking forward to seeing graphs.
  3. (8) Sealed Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build

    Wish I had "Crowson money" myself for the same reason lol. I just cant afford as many as I'd need, and with my wife wanting a sectional soon I'd need even more lol...
  4. Luke's basic amplifier tests

    Yes, my concern was the sub 20hz Crown debate which you put to rest. Once I get things settled a bit my goal is to purchase a Balanced MiniDSP and play around with a low shelf filter to bring up the bottom end, so I needed to make sure the amp had "somewhat adequate" power below 20hz to accomplish my goal. With a single sealed 18 I get tons of bass, still not enough for my personally, but the point of this is that I want to try my best to even out the SPL of the bass given the Equal Loudness curve and I think the shelf filter will help with that a bit. When I add it, I will also evaluate just how much if any of the sub 10hz stuff I can actually feel with my large room and potentially then add a highpass to ensure I dont clip the amp with that content, given how much the wattage drops below that point, and by doing so potentially gain some ability to crank it above 10hz more.
  5. Luke's basic amplifier tests

    Luke, wanted to thank you for this thread. As a result of your testing I bought a secondhand XLS 2000 to drive my Ultimax 18 in a 4 cubic foot flatpack (which I bought after extensive research on this site and looking at the drivers available in my price range). First one is done. Springtime I will buy the second kit and another XLS2000 to drive it, and will have both Crowns on a dedicated 20amp circuit .
  6. Equipment for sale

    Thanks..... turned out that didn't happen, and may not ever happen, but I did get to play with the ported Chane sub, and MAN does that thing hammer....... I cant WAIT to get my hands on my 18" ultimax box in the next week or so.......
  7. Equipment for sale

    Hey Ricci... thought you might like to know I may soon be in possession of that Chane SB-113 box and use it for a dual Ultimax 18 build...... You don't happen to have written down what the actual internal cubic footage is of that box? I see it appears to have a 2" front baffle with the rest of the box being 1" thick. Dimensions are 22.5 Tall x 20 Wide x 20 Deep. I care because I just got the Denovo Audio Flatpack w UM18 kit, which measures 23 Tall x 20 wide x 20 deep and uses a 1.5" baffle and the rest of the box is .75" thick. My thinking is save some cash and buy just the enclosure (buddys re-using the driver in a diff box) and stick another Ultimax driver in it and have it match the box I have. But I'm not sure how much interior space there is once you account for the difference in box thickness and bracing....
  8. Luke's basic amplifier tests

    Looks like thats the amp I'm gonna try and snag here soon then. Get it for my current ported stuff and then start saving to go sealed in my room with a couple 18" subs and try to get more ULF.
  9. Luke's basic amplifier tests

    WOW, that XLS2500 is still a good performer down to 10hz it looks like...........
  10. How important is sub bass below 20 Hz??

    I have Buttkicker transducers and while they are good... They don't do well with the low frequency stuff. It starts to ping enough to be annoying. I'm somewhat waiting for a minidsp to use on it so I can play around with a subsinic filter around 7 - 10 HS and also apply a high pass around 40hz so I can JUST work on adding more to what my sub can't do. I heard about it before I bought it but I didn't have Crowson money so I bought it anyway. I've NOT heard the same of the Crowskn transducers.
  11. How important is sub bass below 20 Hz??

    An interesting read. I was ALMOST one of the participants of this but wasnt able to make that meet. I wont say I'm an expert at any of the subject matter but it was interesting to see what body parts respond to what frequencies.... http://www.audioholics.com/room-acoustics/bass-the-physical-sensation-of-sound
  12. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    I'd guess they'd need to seal the car quite well or they might have windows bent off their hinges with that thing.... Put it in a Uhaul and see what she does!
  13. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    Man..... your going to force me to drive to down for a demo if you keep going at this rate..... Its only about 2 hours one way lol.... I was already tempted as crap when you posted those Chase subs for sale (which my buddy ended up buying)......
  14. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    This this is a more appropriate way to express the amplification needs lol..
  15. ZOD Audio M.A.U.L. Test Results and Discussion

    He pointed it downward and it walked itself across the field