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New Opportunities as Society Reboots?


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Eventually, gatherings will be allowed.  Small venues that once were allowed 200 people per fire code may have to scale down to 50 (will increase over time).  

Beaches are going upscale.  Why not do the smae with sound?  This website/forum has proven top notch designs AND support.  I know of 2 subwoofer manufacturers that I will buy from commercially.  Thigpen (just because it looks like an old fan) and Magico.  Otherwise, I would use designs from here to build everything from home to sound reinforcement.  Data-bass is upscale.

I really like sealed systems.  They should go well with intimate gatherings.  

My idea:

Sub Channel:

4 IPAL 21's

Powersoft K DSP+AESOP or Crown ITech HD (Don't need IPALmod)

At least 1 inch bamboo plywood with the natural finish being the most important feature

Upgraded accessories for enclosure

Cone to Cone Dual Opposed Sealed


The Loudsperaker or a large active studio monitor (JBL M2) would be my first thought.  Something with wide dispersion...Danley tops maybe.

End goal:

Must fit in one enclosed aluminum trailer pulled behind a half ton or smaller truck.  It will be a black tie package through and through to include how I am dressed.  Entire trailer should weigh no more than 5,000lbs even if I tripple the subs.   Everything will be easy to manuever.  Turn every venue into a soundstage where all present can hear 18-22,000 hz like they have on the best headphones in the world.  Will limit to 100db but prefer to stay around 85/90db or lower.  I might even specify venue location to guarantee sound quality.  When small gatherings become large outdoor gatherings - I continue to help folks that like my format or shut it down and keep all for home use or sell.  A phone and Tidal Premium can do the whole gig.  I need to be fancier than that I guess.  Otherwise, all I would need to add is pre-amp and electricity.


Any thoughts?

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is a similar idea and pretty fun but I don't know how it would be possible to make money from such a thing unless you have a lot of existing contacts (Rich people house parties?) it also won't work if you have to space people out, no one is going to start spending 4x as much in a recession.  I can confirm though that people are in general very keen on the oiled wood aesthetic compared to the normal PA black paint so this is a good idea (although less durable).  Up to the point you run out of power, money or weight allowance sealed boxes will give the most output per unit volume but in PA use the lack of air exchange can be a problem as the air inside the box gets hot.

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Thank you kipman for the feedback and link.  I lost my mind the first time I saw stuff like this.  I think Ricci has a warehouse space with a monster setup.  I don't want all this in my home.  I just want to play every now and then.  No alcohol - equipment protected.

I can use my truck as a demo vehicle and mobile advertisement.  I have some drivers that have moved with me a few times that can do this small job.  My niche will be cone to cone sealed.  Would need to replace factory drivers and add dsp/amps/power  Bamboo plywood in truck too.  Very small expense compared to paint and anything molded.    

How would i get started?  Maybe attend some super small events and do sound free to build a reputation.  No better way than to rent out someone's space on a weekend regularly, invite some people that might be interested, provide food/drink and "show me what you got".  Might even throw in some turntables.  I'm trying to bring a new experience to new places.

I'd rather stick to organizations that look for this experience.  Something ideal would be going through other hobbyists and professionals that love this stuff and realize when my smaller sealed system would be a win for them.  Makes sense not to invest in what I'm doing if you already have lots invested in other monster boxes.  I would like to leave my stuff with someone that can be trusted as well.  I would be willing to get to know folks that want to be known.  It would take a while to build up trust and that is fine.  I'm not interested in growing so would not want to use more than what I can purchase outright and keep in my trailer. I would store in local area of gig on my dime while sytem is needed until I can pick it up.

There is not a lot of money to be made in my shoes - no one knows me here and I am an introvert.  I like hobbyist.  I do not want to do this for a living.  Not having to buy a huge home or rent a space in order to hear good bass in musc?  This is what I prefer.  All in with used and best priced everything can be done for a lot less than full retail for everything.  

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I understand where your coming from, when you hear a well set up PA system at decent volume there is no going back to home Hi-Fi and even if you have the speakers at home the space is too small and the neighbors too close.

My situation is actuality pretty similar to you, having spent my whole life not going out much and when I did hearing pretty crap PA systems (line arrays etc) I went to party with a big stack of relfex subs and orbit 4 tops which sounded like an infinitely powerful Hi-Fi and was instantly hooked.  Since then I have heard quite a few good systems but never at the larger more commercial gigs.  I think I started building up my system a few months after that first time and also started with sealed subs but have recently rebuilt them as reflex due to box heating issues and optimisng for more output in the >30Hz range.  For me the reflex is a big improvement but I'm running them pretty hard for 12+hrs.  I have only really started building up some contacts in the past year, not been an especially outgoing person.  A good way to meet people is to attend local music events and talk to the people running the system (although not possible at this time).  A possible issue you might encounter is where I am (North West UK) is a lot of venues have license clauses preventing the use of external sound systems due to historical noise complaints, may not be an issue but its worth looking up your local licensing situation.


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