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  1. I've been looking at FDM machines for a while now. 1000x1000x1000 is the goal. There are some diy machine plans out there that can result in good prints for less that $3,000. Otherwise, $10,000 is the price of admission for a production quality kit/machine. A good used ford cab tractor with an added roof or window ac/heat unit should cost about the same. It will need a lot of restoration effort. The FDM machine would help with parts. I'm also looking for a non rusted 1968 (67 - 71 period) ford truck body. Again, the 3d printer would help with parts. Something tells me there will be a lot of random stuff arriving over the winter. Not buying finished speakers anymore. Kef will do for sitting in front of a monitor while shopping. You fine folks taught me way too much about how not to spend money while hobbying. Will update when something is being made. Making soothes the soul. Peace
  2. I've been looking at 3d printers for a few hours. Large format has come a long way since I did any research. You can print in copper these days too. Need to figure out if either a tractor with cab and attachments are really what I want or if making would keep me satisfied. I miss Tinkermill in Colorado. They would literally teach the know how and help you build a rocket. Didn't get to sink my teeth in after joining. Will keep researching.
  3. Some things happen for a reason I guess. Lean-business.co.uk has sold out of the handmade horn. Definitely need to relax my mind with a challenge and make the best use of my dollar. I'm about to ask for a lot of help. Can somebody please post a list of recommended equipment needed to make horns. Example: What type of table saw works best? What other tools would be a best purchase? I'm pretty good with fixing stuff and will figure this out. Not afraid to try. Thank you
  4. The K402 is hard to find used. Hoping the Celestion designed unit will equal what the graph shows. Thank you
  5. Amp ideas from the google machine... http://www.pmillett.com/300B_FB_amp.html http://www.audiodesignguide.com/SE300B/index.html
  6. Ran across this while doing research. If I can build this horn... https://userweb.117.ne.jp/y-s/F280A-e.html Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the link to those instructions for the horn spreadsheet and project build. That was some very good reading. I may have blinked 3 times while going through it all. The info will be put to use eventually. Did some googling for saws and other tools to make it happen. My metabo gear won't cut it. Might just take some nausea medicine while saving up for the new components and skip the work for now. The new Jubilee is the reason why I chose the driver. Hope, Arkansas is an hour away from me. My local Klipsch dealer has some old stuff that is very interesting. I've only been able to find new K402's as of today. $2500 for paired horns, drivers and stands. No bare lens option without serial numbers from a pair of Jubilee's. Big Red Horn (black) from Celestion as a pair is about the same price. Used for half price will be hard to find I'm guessing. Flea power for the horns is the plan for home use. First Watt F7/8 looks nice. Bottlehead too. A headphone amp maybe to not spend a lot of money? I really do need less than a watt. 370 to 400hz cutoff will be tried after the appreciated recommendation. Outdoors? Whatever doesn't make me deaf. 600hz and up.
  8. I have been looking for something that can minimize crossover complexity for my first speaker build. It has to be a 2 way. There are some good compression drivers that go down to 500hz and maybe a little lower. The TAD TD-4002 is too expensive to play with. The Celestion Axi2050 can hit 225 to 300hz with a little harmonic distortion for a third of the price. I don't know where I will find a K402 horn set. Patience will hopefully pay off. My Aurasound NS18's are sitting a few feet away; they will take care of the bottom end. Patience worked while looking for them. I've seen a few mentions on this forum for the K402's. Any chance somebody can help me find a set? I'm thinking this setup will do better than the JBL M2 system I have wanted. I'll try an Acoustic Elegance bottom end as well. I plan on learning the hard way. Reference: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/199267-celestion-axi2050-2-compression-driver-on-k-402-horn-and-jubilee-bass-bin/ Sorry Ricci...just noticed you already did what I finally discovered. Maybe that is a good thing. Lol.
  9. Nope. Ricci mentioned the M-Force catching on fire thing a while ago. It would have to be limited...which is crazy and cheats any customer. AND - IPALmod has a lot of noise to deal with. Not wasting my self education on that. I want a hotrodded updated version of the Aurasound drivers that I have in a larger size. Adire Audio has an 18" named Kal with 30+mm of xmax. The xbl2 motor is attractive given TC Sounds' reputation. McCauley has an 18' that I like - Vas is through the roof. Acoustic Elegance's TDH18+ Apollo is nice. Problem is, I already have the Aurasounds in 18' and they can stand with everything I just listed for hifi sweetspot needs. I'm honestly bored with hifi after being spoiled by KEF and can go without subwoofers in that setting. I now have 3 functional NS18's that will be stored indefinately to pass on to my kids if that happens. Ripole from time to time maybe. I want to step up to PA/Sound reinforcement as a hobby now. Another hobby of mine is painting. I figured out how to buy the best SataJet for prices of entry level SataJets in the same range sold in America. Full warranty. This equals a paint job with zero color sanding and minimal overspray plus my big smile while looking at the gun. I need the same in a speaker driver. I will pay for what I want. Two Harbottle Audio Ve 24's? $9,000 to $10,000? Underhung, low inductance, lower fs, high power handling without a roomsize Vas? Make it happen with a clamshell to cut Vas in half and you get my deposit. Compare to Danley Sound Labs cinema THsub with 2 21' B&C's @ $10,000. M-Force at 16hz is a mistake. Powersoft can and should do better.
  10. M-Force/IPAL is a hobbyist's dream. The tech involved makes you smile for a while. Then reality sets in. I would feel bad if someone wanted to rent the thng for $200 a day from me. I like McLaren's. But would rather have an old Panterra on steroids. If I'm going all out - give me the new Panterra and the pricing is understood. Powersoft can do better and charge more. Until then...Canada has some nice stuff to plan around.
  11. atltx


    Something with very low inductance and a lowish fs would work well. Light and stiff with just enough strength. Used from 50hz up to where your mains can effortlessly take over. In a high efficiency 21", that is special order if you want to stay sealed and small. You came to the right place.
  12. Not hard to build https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=92003.0
  13. The 24's from Harbottle Audio that are being discussed in other threads just might help ripole get more attention. Ve series would be the perfect route. 32 inch subs would make them popular for sure. Efficiency for home use would not be a problem. Small intimate spaces would enjoy them too.
  14. Thank you for the time and effort over those 10 years. Still kinda struggling with the reality of complex induction and oem vs consumer availability for drivers. I want deep and clean. HT/Music/Automotive/Nature sounds for sleep. Will eventually reach out to Harbottle Audio for something underhung and nasty. Data-bass helped me understand why that is hard to find in the consumer market. Also understand why the price is north of what can be bought in a couple of mouse clicks.
  15. Ripole is the term I learned for this set up. Ripole brought me to databass. Was looking for 18 inch drivers that would give the best result for my tastes in hi fi. Pandemic killed all the new ideas this website gave me for anything outside of hi fi. The drivers I collected are stored face down and acting as furniture a few feet away from me waiting on 1 more. You found a pot of gold. Enjoy it like it is or upgrade the drivers. Build another 1 or 3 and be done for life.
  16. Thank you kipman for the feedback and link. I lost my mind the first time I saw stuff like this. I think Ricci has a warehouse space with a monster setup. I don't want all this in my home. I just want to play every now and then. No alcohol - equipment protected. I can use my truck as a demo vehicle and mobile advertisement. I have some drivers that have moved with me a few times that can do this small job. My niche will be cone to cone sealed. Would need to replace factory drivers and add dsp/amps/power Bamboo plywood in truck too. Very small expense compared to paint and anything molded. How would i get started? Maybe attend some super small events and do sound free to build a reputation. No better way than to rent out someone's space on a weekend regularly, invite some people that might be interested, provide food/drink and "show me what you got". Might even throw in some turntables. I'm trying to bring a new experience to new places. I'd rather stick to organizations that look for this experience. Something ideal would be going through other hobbyists and professionals that love this stuff and realize when my smaller sealed system would be a win for them. Makes sense not to invest in what I'm doing if you already have lots invested in other monster boxes. I would like to leave my stuff with someone that can be trusted as well. I would be willing to get to know folks that want to be known. It would take a while to build up trust and that is fine. I'm not interested in growing so would not want to use more than what I can purchase outright and keep in my trailer. I would store in local area of gig on my dime while sytem is needed until I can pick it up. There is not a lot of money to be made in my shoes - no one knows me here and I am an introvert. I like hobbyist. I do not want to do this for a living. Not having to buy a huge home or rent a space in order to hear good bass in musc? This is what I prefer. All in with used and best priced everything can be done for a lot less than full retail for everything.
  17. Eventually, gatherings will be allowed. Small venues that once were allowed 200 people per fire code may have to scale down to 50 (will increase over time). Beaches are going upscale. Why not do the smae with sound? This website/forum has proven top notch designs AND support. I know of 2 subwoofer manufacturers that I will buy from commercially. Thigpen (just because it looks like an old fan) and Magico. Otherwise, I would use designs from here to build everything from home to sound reinforcement. Data-bass is upscale. I really like sealed systems. They should go well with intimate gatherings. My idea: Sub Channel: 4 IPAL 21's Powersoft K DSP+AESOP or Crown ITech HD (Don't need IPALmod) At least 1 inch bamboo plywood with the natural finish being the most important feature Upgraded accessories for enclosure Cone to Cone Dual Opposed Sealed Mains: The Loudsperaker or a large active studio monitor (JBL M2) would be my first thought. Something with wide dispersion...Danley tops maybe. End goal: Must fit in one enclosed aluminum trailer pulled behind a half ton or smaller truck. It will be a black tie package through and through to include how I am dressed. Entire trailer should weigh no more than 5,000lbs even if I tripple the subs. Everything will be easy to manuever. Turn every venue into a soundstage where all present can hear 18-22,000 hz like they have on the best headphones in the world. Will limit to 100db but prefer to stay around 85/90db or lower. I might even specify venue location to guarantee sound quality. When small gatherings become large outdoor gatherings - I continue to help folks that like my format or shut it down and keep all for home use or sell. A phone and Tidal Premium can do the whole gig. I need to be fancier than that I guess. Otherwise, all I would need to add is pre-amp and electricity. Any thoughts?
  18. Driver from California showed up fried. Paypal and Madisound saved the day. I would like more motors if anyone wants to part with them.
  19. Found one on craigslist in California. One sitting on my floor. That's enough. There are good people on this board that offer awesome advisement.
  20. I appreciate these drivers...don't reduce your price to offset shipping.
  21. I wold like the Aura NS18 motor please. Will PM for details.
  22. Funny. The math and money says go with Danley TH221 or other OEM's that use 21's or even the M-Force. Hence my interest in 24's. You would not pay for it because you have the knowledge and connections to equal what I've found for less. I can not design and build anything close for the money asked. I do not have access to the raw drivers because i can not request special parameters for a minimum bulk order. Example: Madisound told me I would have to put together an order of 300 pieces in order to see another Aurasound NS18-994-A. Didn't bother asking parts express. I'm sure what was available to us was not used in the Magcio Qsub. I gave my ns18 away in Az. Never used and don't regret it. Was a tease.
  23. Like I'm the only person that talks to self. (Note to self, Infrasonic is not funny) <--------- You don't do that? I am working on growing patience. Give me time. I had to help myself...the anxiety was killing me. Seriously, thanks for your input. The IPAL Mod discussion you all had will help buy an extra driver or 2 instead. You are not welcome because, I'm back. Are you the infrasonic that is Stereo Integrity on other forums? If so, which 24 would be easier to mod for lf/ulf use outdoors? The HS box requirement is too much without clamshelling. The SHS is power hungry for the same output as the HS. Would love a mixture of the two. I probably have you mixed up with another subwoofer driver provider. Screen name and subject definitely ring a bell. I googled around for like 30 seconds. Funk Audio? Had to come edit - Complete mix up of your user name with someone else's. My head will jumble up some things at times.
  24. Patience is something I have had problems with forever. I was wrong for that comment as it was more than had to be said...even if with a small percentage of "joking" in the motivation. And yes, you do run this place like a customer service center. I did come back and I am eating all the crow. I apologize. The interaction in this thread will help others. Thank you for that. I have been coming to this site for years as my half cocked online audio education progressed. My hope is to make a weekend hobby/investment out of this as a retiree while my back and knees still work. The engineering behind what happens in the realm of outside venues is my new tangent in audio. Reading best practices and understanding the math behind them is necessary/great, don't get me wrong. Still, I need hands on. So, I'll stick to providing equipment aimed specifically at augmenting low frequencies for a while - lf/ulf boxes that drop jaws outside. If i do anything inside, i hope to push the envelope of high SPL "proper" bass. Hopefully can trade use of my equipment and labor for training. Would love to some day own and properly operate a Danley Jericho/DIY LF-ULF system that can entertain up to 1,000 people in open space with zero listener fatigue for hours at a time. The Skhorn for IPALs is amazing. The MAUL is a tremendous value. Would like to see what Stereo Integrity 24 can do since charging the same price as rockford fosgate for the t3 19. Not sure if SI products are used in the pro world. Not in this for initial profit. Need a way to scratch my car bass days itch without the police getting involved. For some reason, I refuse to disturb my neighbors to the point that my desktop system has been stored. Too much vodka and everybody has to listen to the Commodores. Home theater subwoofers should be HOA violations. Shared walls or single family period. So, I'll find people with permits that have permission to have 20hz play as loudly as 20,000hz. 140 db at 10 feet is all i want. hehe If I haven't totally torn my draws with you, can you recommend a live sound training program in Florida (Tallahassee if possible)? I read somewhere that Danley offers something for their dealers - wish that was available to the public. I'm so trained to rack up student debt that a $10,000 Live Sound Engineering training program from Recording Connection sounds good. This is my red corvette zo6. No, grey 911 gt2 rs is really what I'm after over time. Midlife with no crisis, have a satisfying hobby, make extra retirement money for medical cannabis/random foolishness around the country in certain states AND I get to put my cnc machine research to good use. My hope is to stay out of trouble and enjoy life until I kick the bucket. That was a lot. Again, thank you for what you do.
  25. Thanks for the great feedback! Not. Guessing you have to belong to a secret squirrel group to get a discussion going? Thanks for the info over the years. Won't bother posting again.
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